Trusts and Asset Protection

Most people are not aware of just what the requirements of your legal will have been in their state. For instance, in Illinois I have come across many people that think they could write out their will and put it in their desk drawer, then upon their death it will be valid and as well as courts. That is not correct. In Illinois, there are specific requirements for which makes a valid will.

Lots of times young people need death records for many different purposes. The most common reason setting people searching for death records is usually to state that the beloved has actually offered. There are times when during life’s travails one just loses connection with their loved ones and paths may well not cross for many years. It could also be to identify a missing loved one as a result of wars, natural calamities or people just having lost touch or left home not to ever return.

Establish your “living will” or health-care directive. An “advance health-care directive” allows you to pick the most suitable person to address decisions about your healthcare (including life-sustaining treatments) in case you then become disabled. The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created strict regulations concerning privacy and also the discharge of personal medical information. Consequently, it is crucial that you include specific language with your directive that identifies your own agent as the “personal representative” with all the power to obtain your medical information for HIPAA purposes.

1) Estate planning ensures that your better half and kids, or whomever you appoint because your heirs, may have less difficulty taking control of your assets. If you were to die with property solely inside your name, and no will to appoint a beneficiary, your estate could end up in probate. A court would then determine your estate’s assets and debts and disperse as seen fit. Working with a legal professional focusing on estate planning will see that your property, cars, along with other property receive towards the heirs you choose.

There are several questions everyone should ask themselves when preparing a living will, advance medical directive or another legal documents which have a primary affect what sort of medical emergency must be handled by nurse practitioners. Elder law attorneys know that less than 70% of homes can even make the correct choice if they are instructed to guess at what their loved ones want done. Physicians are much more more likely to create a judgment call this is not in accordance with their patients’ final wishes or religious beliefs.

Planning For 2011 Estate Tax Changes

Many of today’s high-income seniors are likely to be knee-deep in re-planning their estate because of recent changes in federal taxes for these properties, as well as considering all the repercussions of changes in legislation in the past years. One reason for this is the decade-long period of accumulated benefits that million-dollar estate owners will no longer receive. Here’s a brief backgrounder on the situation:

Lawmakers started to lower estate taxes through increasing the portion of estate values for tax exemption in 2001. In that same year, the figure for exemption was set at a million dollars, which had grown more than thrice to around $ 3.5 million by last year. Taxes are going back to what they were in 2001 by the beginning of next year, along with an authorized level of more than half of the estates (whose owners are now deceased) with values upwards of $ 1 million.

Due to the very mechanisms that resulted in the expiration of these tax levels this year, any sudden-death measures to lessen the impact of its return don’t have high forecasted chances of success. However, the beneficiaries of estate owners who pass away this year will be considerably affected by low estate taxes – for the billion-dollar estate of George Steinbrenner, for example, estimates state that beneficiaries will receive an additional $ 500 million.

The return of the million-dollar exemption next year will undoubtedly affect what beneficiaries receive from those who’ve left them behind, especially if the previous estate owner’s assets include properties that have jumped in value through the past decades. A 401K or IRA account, a home, and other savings can easily amount to $ 1 million, says retired IRS lawyer Richard Behrendt. Changes or amendments to laws governing estate taxes are certain – update your estate plan accordingly to avoid unexpected losses through high estate taxes.

Puritan Financial Group has years of experience in dealing important financial decisions. Puritan Financial Group will listen to you and your loved ones and craft a custom financial solution that supports your life goals.

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Protecting Women and Children Through Estate Planning

All too often there is the case of women and children absolutely devastated by the death of a spouse or parent and then further devastated by the results of not having thought through the future. That is why it is so very important to protect women and children through proper estate planning. By learning the basics of the Louisiana laws of intestacy – dying without a will – and the different ways of protecting women and children, light can be shed on a subject that most people are uneducated about. Although these legal principles are also applicable to men, women and children will be the focus.

The best way to make sure women and children are properly protected is for women to become educated and then to take action. Knowledge alone does not change lives, but applied knowledge does. So the protection becomes “real” for a woman and her children when the proper documents are in place.

What is your particular set of circumstances? How old are your children? Do you have a permanently disabled child of any age? Have you or your spouse been married more than once? Do you have a blended family? Do you have elderly parents?

Let’s start with the first one. How old are your children? If you have a child under the age of 24 or one that is permanently disabled you have a “forced heir.” A forced heir is one that must inherit a portion of your estate. If you have a will, you have some control over that portion. If you do not have a will, your estate will be distributed according to Louisiana’s laws of intestacy.
The distinction between separate and community property is important to know. Community property is property acquired during a marriage. Separate property is property brought into the marriage, inherited property or property received as a settlement (such as money from a personal injury case). Generally, if a prenuptial agreement is executed by a couple before marriage, the agreement will provide that property acquired prior to and during the marriage will be the separate property of each party. However, the standard agreement can be modified by the parties to provide that property acquired during the marriage will be community property.

By determining your classification from the following list you will know how your property will be distributed if you die without a will. Understand that “usufruct” means “use of something” but does not include ownership of that something.

Classifications of individuals at the time of death and how property will be passed to heirs

• Single without children: Property passes to siblings with lifetime usufruct in favor of parents.

• Single with children (or married but spouse deceased, with children): All property passes to the children outright.

• Married with children: Community property-spouse has usufruct for life or until remarriage but children are actual owners. Separate property-children inherit and spouse does not have usufruct.

• Married without children: Community property passes to spouse. Separate property passes to siblings with usufruct for life in favor of parents.

• Married without children, no living parents: Community property passes to spouse. Separate property passes to siblings outright.

It is very important for singles living together to understand that Louisiana does not recognize common-law marriages. People can live together 50 years yet have no inheritance rights under the laws of intestacy. Without a will, the woman is totally unprotected in this situation.

Please note that under Louisiana law the protections for the security and welfare for the surviving spouse are very limited. Notice there are no provisions for who will raise surviving children.

With that said, what can you do in a will? Here’s the good news. If you have no forced heirs, that is no child under the age of 24 or permanently disabled of any age, you can leave your estate to whomever you want! Most married people in this situation leave everything to the spouse in full ownership, which totally protects the spouse from conflict among children and especially from children of prior marriages. It cannot be stressed enough what an important protection this is for women.

We have discussed the distribution of property. Now we need to talk about the children. With forced heirs, a spouse needs to be protected in order to have more control of the assets for a longer period of time. This can be done in a properly drafted will.

If you have minor children and if by some unfortunate turn of fate, you and your spouse are killed in a common disaster, who will raise the children? How will they be financially supported? Would you like to have your wishes known in this matter? No matter how good your relationships are with your family and in-laws, when you do not have a will designating the persons you want to raise your child, you are leaving that important decision to someone else. This seems to be the hardest decision for young couples to make. Often it’s a process of elimination of whom don’t they want to raise the children.

Take the example of Brian and Tiffany who had three young children and were killed together in boating accident. They had agreed that Tiffany’s oldest sister and her husband would do the best job raising their children if something ever happened to them. They also agreed that they did not want other relatives raising the children for a multitude of reasons. However, because there was no legal designation, a huge battle occurred between the relatives over who would get the children. The case eventually ended up in the court system and Brian and Tiffany’s desires were not realized by the court’s decision. It is extremely important for a young couple to make this decision about the raising of the children and have it formalized in a will.

There are many types of trusts and trusts aren’t just for people with a lot of money. Most people who set up trusts are ordinary people who have made plans to leave something for their children. Parents of young children frequently set up trusts within their wills that go into effect at the death of the parent. This trust provides that the assets going to the children will be held in trust by a trustee and will be distributed to the children at a designated age.

If you have a permanently disabled child of any age who is now receiving or will receive governmental assistance monies such as SSI and Medicaid, you need to know that your child will lose these benefits if he inherits outright in his name. A special need trust shelters assets of a disabled person so they can qualify for or maintain their SSI and Medicaid benefits.

If you’re frustrated with your teenager and are thinking of cutting him or her out of your will, the law says you cannot, as they are forced heirs who are entitled to a portion of your estate. Forced heirs are children 23 years of age or younger or children of any age who are permanently disabled. Once a child turns 24, he is no longer a forced heir, unless he is disabled.

Many very sad cases have come to light in recent years involving women whose husbands have died and were previously married. It is easy for someone who was not the first wife to lose a house and other important assets because a will was not in place prior to the death of the current wife’s husband.

Many women are shocked to learn they have no ownership in the house they’ve lived in for years with their second or third spouse. This frequently happens when one spouse moves into the other spouse’s home after the marriage and the husband did not transfer partial ownership to the new wife nor did the husband have a will.

Often, women come out of a previous marriage with a poor credit rating and in order to purchase a house with a new spouse the house is purchased in the husband’s name only in order to get a better interest rate on the loan. Usually, the wife is required to sign off at the act of sale and on the mortgage acknowledging the house is being purchased as separate property with separate funds. There is nothing wrong with doing this if a will is written giving that wife ownership of the house.

Sometimes these cases end very poorly for the wife and other times they end really well, depending on the relationship the wife has with the family. In a recent case, the wife was forced out of the husband’s home by his brothers and sisters as he had no will and no children and the siblings inherited the property. Another case ended well when the children of the prior marriage donated the house to the second wife.

Women need to make sure their documents and those of their spouse or significant other are up-to-date with the law. Louisiana inheritance laws changed significantly in the 1990s and most wills written during that time or before are outdated and cause unnecessary expense when being probated, not to mention anguish for surviving relatives. These old wills with usufruct language need to be changed.

In conclusion, keep in mind your particular circumstances, whether you are single or married, with forced heirs or no forced heirs or have had one marriage or multiple marriages. If you want to protect yourself and your children you should have a will that is compliant with current law and updated to your current life situation.

In Louisiana law wills are necessary to protect the property rights for your family. To learn why and how or whom to contact to draft a proper legal will, visit

Divorce Law

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in your life, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a parent or without children, in your 20’s or in your 60’s.  When a marriage has been irretrievably broken, betrayal, loss, confusion and despair can cloud every area of your life, from your work to your friendships to your goals for the future.

Understanding Divorce Law

Trying to navigate a divorce without understanding the laws that govern divorce proceedings is not an uncommon position to be in.  Most individuals never plan on being divorced, but find themselves having to submit to laws they have never heard of and have certainly never studied.  But to insure that you don’t lose your home or possessions, as well as your spouse, you may need to be better prepared than the average person.

Settling Out of Court

Many divorces are settled out of court through amicable negotiation between the divorcing couple.  But arguments can arise regarding almost every aspect of a marriage, including:

Child custody
Real estate ownership
Alimony payments
Child support
Retirement funds
Personal items
Divorce Hearings and Judgments

For couples who encounter one of these disagreements and are not willing to relinquish their position, a divorce hearing may be called.  Because this is not a criminal hearing, the outcome is often determined by an individual judge, who hears hundreds of divorce cases every year.  Because of this, whether or not you receive what is rightfully yours hinges on your ability to present your side of the story clearly and accurately.  Most individuals rely on an experienced divorce law attorney to help them do so.  It is almost certain that, whether you are settling the division of property in court or out of court, your former spouse will have legal representation.  So should you.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Because going through a divorce is already a stressful process, it is important to work with a divorce attorney who you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust.  Most divorce attorneys will meet with you to discuss your expectations and concerns long before you meet with your spouse and his or her attorneys, and will answer your questions about divorce law up front.  This also gives you the opportunity to consider what is important to you to retain after the divorce, and on what points you may be willing to concede to get what is most valuable to you.


If you are looking for an experienced divorce law attorney in the Lee County, Cape Coral or Fort Myers areas of Florida, please visit the website of Lusk, Drasites, Tolisano & Smith, P.A., and find answers to your questions about divorce law.

Divorce Guidance

Divorce can cause huge rifts between families, but if you deal with your divorce sensibly, the bitterness, anger and sadness should be short lived. Some divorce guidance tips include:

1.Dont let your emotions get the better of you, and try to think sensibly when discussing divorce with your spouse. You may love your ex or hate him/her, but try to stay civil during the divorce, as this can save you plenty of anguish and cash in the long run.

2.Only use a solicitor who is experienced in family law, and one who will guide you through the pitfalls of divorce with a minimum of fuss and hassle. A good divorce solicitor will get you the best settlement possible, and help you to look forward to a brighter future.

3.Dont automatically assume that getting the house is the best deal for you. Even if you are bringing up the children in the family home, if there is a large mortgage attached to it, you could be shooting yourself in the foot by asking for it. Let an experienced divorce solicitor guide you.

4.Try to remain civil in front of the children. However you feel about your ex, he/she is still their parent, and they need to feel loved by both of you, especially when one partner is leaving the family home. Never use the children as messengers to pass on messages to your ex as this will be upsetting for them.

5.If you have a joint insurance policy, make sure it is reviewed during or after your divorce, as you may want to change the name of the beneficiary to that of another family member or one of your children (if they are old enough).

6.Make sure your assets are professionally looked into by a divorce solicitor, or you could be cheated out of their proper worth. Arrange a professional valuation of assets, including any investments, property and businesses, and you will have a clearer picture of what you can ask for.

7.Embrace your new life as a single person and do all the things you have always wanted to do, within reason. Take up a new hobby, make new friends and expand your social circle. You will soon start to enjoy life again and look forward to a brighter future.

8.Make sure you prioritise your children, and make sure they feel secure and loved by both of you. Encourage them to visit your ex partner regularly, and arrange suitable times for them to stay over. Talk to the children about their feelings and encourage them to discuss the divorce if they are feeling sad.

9.If you are struggling financially after your divorce, find out what benefits you are entitled to. Contact the local social security office for an appointment, or go and see your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), who can advise you on a range of issues free of charge.

10.If the reminders of your past relationship are all around the house, take them down, store them or throw them away. Give yourself time to get over your divorce, and understand that it is normal to feel sad, depressed and fragile for a few months afterwards. The pain is all part of the healing process, and once you are over the worse of it, you can look forward to a happy and fulfilling future.

Seek the help and advice of a regulated divorce solicitor in the UK, and one who will give you expert advice and help you help you through a stressful time. Choose a solicitor who offers free divorce papers to download, so you can start the divorce process in the comfort of your own home.

Adrian vultur writes for Free Divorce Forms

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Houston Divorce Lawyer

Focusing on Family members Law, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury
Stable, steadfast, and dependable, Houston, Texas attorney Jedediah D. Moffett, “Jed”, is an established representative and a powerful advocate for the legal rights and liberties of his purchasers.

With a apply centered in household law, personal injury and civil litigation, he works diligently for his purchasers and delivers 1st-rate resolutions to their legal difficulties.

Excellent Monitor Document – Solid Final results
Jed has an attentive ear and an eye towards detail. He gives specialized and well-revered answers to troubling authorized concerns and considerations. As an advocate for his purchasers, Jed’s apply has seasoned a good offer of good results and development. He has a sturdy reputation for stable benefits, ethical requirements, and a robust work ethic.

Practice locations
âeuro¢Family Legislation
âeuro¢Personal Injury
âeuro¢Civil Litigation
Get hold of the legislation places of work of Jedediah D. Moffett
Jed practices in Houston, Texas including Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, and Montgomery counties. To organize for an preliminary consultation with Jed, call his workplace at 832-266-1575 or speak to the agency online.

Houston, Texas family members lawyer
Jedediah D. Moffett is a trusted and knowledgeable representative with a robust popularity for advocacy and an moral method to complex loved ones law matters. He has a strong track document and works diligently to accomplish positive outcomes for his customers.

Practice regions
Jed represents clientele in all elements of loved ones law litigation which includes, but not restricted to:

¦Divorce Lawyer Houston
¦Property Division
¦Child custody
¦Pre-marital agreements
¦Post-marital agreements
¦Complex marital house circumstances
?Business Interests
?Household Companies
?Family members Trusts
¦Child support enforcement
¦Possession and accessibility enforcement
¦Modification of possession and access
¦Modification of child support
¦Modification of conservatorship
¦Grandparent’s rights/possession
¦Family legislation torts
¦Family legislation mediation
¦Alternative dispute resolution

Make contact with Jedediah D. Moffett for your household law requirements
Jed, Divorce Lawyer Houston offers knowledgeable, vigorous and powerful representation for all family members litigation matters, both big and modest. To arrange for an preliminary consultation with Jed, call his office at 832-266-1575 or speak to the firm online.

The office is conveniently positioned at 1010 Lamar Avenue, Suite 860, Houston, Texas. Jed, Divorce Lawyer Houston serves customers situated in Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, and Montgomery counties and other counties during the state of Texas.

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Divorce Lawyer Chicago

For around 30 years, I have been providing skilled and personalized authorized services to the Chicagoland community. I am proud of the client relationships that I have established through this period. Most of my purchasers are referrals from other happy clientele and their buddies, relatives and business enterprise associates. I try to provide each and every consumer with the most practical legitimate answer for their precise dilemma at the most affordable price. I have obtained dozens of thank you letters from happy clients acknowledging the fantastic lawful guidance that they have obtained from me. I would be happy to consult with you concerning your particular predicament, and to offer you my technique for your success.

I am a member of the Illinois, Chicago, and Dupage County Bar Associations, and am also admitted to practice in the United States District Court docket for the Northern District of Illinois.

I have represented hundreds of women and men in divorce, dissolution of marital relationship, parentage and paternity matters, child support, visitation issues, custody and alter of custody and pre/post nuptial agreements. As a compassionate attorney who has experienced divorce and visitation problems, I will take the time to clarify your alternatives and the financial ramifications of your choices. I will address your distinct issues promptly and professionally and I think that I can aid you have a a lot more positive expertise with this complex legitimate procedure.

Wedding is an essential basis of social organization and is regarded as as the foundation of necessary lawful rights and obligations. Annulment is a legal declaration that a spousal relationship is invalid and that it by no means existed. Annulments are rare and are granted only in really particular circumstances, such as a party’s not meeting minimum amount age requirement for relationship.

Underage Matrimony

In the United States, all but a person express demand that a person should attain the age of 18 decades in order to marry with out parental permission. Nebraska sets that age at 19. Some states permit spousal relationship beneath the minimum age, with courtroom approval, in circumstances of pregnancy or the birth of an illegitimate child. Even though a marriage of underage events may possibly be void, it can be validated by parental consent in some says.

A relationship with an underage particular person normally is void if the defect exists at the inception of the marital relationship. Courts might annul the marital relationship if either party is beneath the authorized age to marry. In says wherever the minimum amount age for relationship is eighteen many years, an action for annulment should be brought just before the underage spouse reaches his or her 18th birthday. A marital relationship involving an underage get together could possibly grow to be ineligible for annulment if the parties’ voluntary cohabitation continues following the underage man or woman attains the age of consent.

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Jurisdiction to Annul Underage Marriages

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Some states grant courts jurisdiction to annul marriages in which a person of the parties was a minor at the time of spousal relationship. This rule has been applied by some courts when the residents of a person state move to another state to marry and then return to their unique condition. In other says, the courtroom of the parties’ unique express can’t annul the relationship if it was permitted under the point out law where by the ceremony was carried out.

From your Divorce Lawyer Chicago: Being underage does not guarantee a suitable to annul; annulment is in the court’s discretion. An underage spousal relationship is voidable if it is performed with the consent of the parents and remains in force till dissolved by the court.

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Pa Divorce Lawyer

There are many law firms that specialize in family law firms; this is all because of increasing rate of divorce cases. There are so many firms in NJ and in Philadelphia; this is a difficult task that which one is the best firm to solve your problem. When you choose a lawyer through reference, then you can trust that your case is in safe hands. On the other hand, when you come to know through the internet, you cannot just choose which ever Firm comes on the top. NJ Divorce or PA Divorce Lawyer is the best solution for all your family cases. You can read more through the internet. They work as the team and they have the lots of experience in their field. This is when a Reinherz and Reinherz law firm comes into the picture. You just forget all your worry, your case is in safe hands.

Reinherz and Reinherz law firm specializes in bankruptcy, immigration and Divorce case under the legal category. However, by shopping around and doing a little research, you may be able to get your divorce done a lot cheaper, if you choose NJ Divorce or PA Divorce Lawyer for your case. Divorce is expensive and it seems to never go as quickly results. But if you choose NJ Divorce or PA Divorce Lawyer by having a good Divorce Law Firm like Reinherz and Reinherz law firm you can at least get a free consultation to let you know about how much your divorce will cost and how much time its going to take. This is the time when peoples are under lot of stress, frustration and anger due to marital problems. NJ Divorce or PA Divorce Lawyer Help you to overcome from these entire problems. They deeply study your case; they believe in listening and then start work on your case. If you do not have sufficient time then they asked to fill in an online questionnaire with all the relevant details of your case to study about your case.

Author is an Executive with Reinherzlaw firm. More Information on PA Divorce Lawyer is available on their website.

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Arizona Bankruptcy Procedure

Individuals and businesses in the United States must follow bankruptcy procedures in order to avoid facing legal complaints. Although most states in the U.S have more or less similar procedures, there are actually variations. This is a reason why it is important to read Arizona Bankruptcy Newsletters in order to be properly informed. There are different issues discussed on their February edition which you need to read.

Before one doubts the variation of Arizona’s bankruptcy process, here are two examples:

• Submission of one’s petition in accordance with the federal bankruptcy law can only be filed in the local Arizona bankruptcy court.

• In order to qualify for bankruptcy, income data will be used. But data specific for Arizona will be the only thing one can use as a resident of this state.

As bankruptcy processes in Arizona can be different, here is a list of things you need to remember:

• Filing for a bankruptcy in Arizona requires the timeline and process to follow federal procedures.

• A petition can only be submitted once a credit counseling course is attended.

• After completing the petition, the appropriate filing fee must be paid. Then, everything will be ready to be submitted to the proper Arizona court.

• After a month, appearance before your bankruptcy trustee is required to review your petition. This is what they call as the “Section 341 Meeting”. This meeting can also be attended by creditors.

• A discharge of 60 days will then be granted if there are no objections present during the Section 341 meeting.

• People filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case must not fail to forget that a payment plan must be submitted for court approval.

This the process one must face whenever the decision to file for an Arizona bankruptcy is present. In this case, it may be an important reminder for everyone to know that Arizona only has one bankruptcy district. But Phoenix, Prescott, and Yuma have separate courthouses. In order to know where to file your Arizona Bankruptcy, check the district’s bankruptcy website.

Steve Anderson is one of the lawyers of Pew Law Center. Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer  help people get the protection and debt relief they need under federal bankruptcy law.

Asset Protection Trust & Estate Planning

You have worked your entire life accumulating assets. These hard earned achievements can be lost in a short period of time if they are not protected. If you are sued, all of your assets are at risk. They are also at risk if you file for bankruptcy. Seeing as the best thing to do is to protect those assets, lawmakers have passed various acts that will protect certain assets.

Regardless of what you read in asset protection blogs, many people believe only the wealthy are targets. This is far from the truth. No matter how many assets you have, whether your IRA & retirement plan investing account is $ 10M or $ 200,000, you are a target as long as you own those assets in your name. There are many legal circumstances that can place your assets at risk. Civil lawsuits and divorce can be perfect examples of where people lose their unprotected assets. No matter how safe you think you are from being sued, it is almost always best to take extra precaution. This is why asset protection is so important. It will help you safeguard those assets if there ever is a time where a lawsuit is filed on you.

There are various state and federal laws that determine what type of protection many of your assets can have from judgments and creditors. For example, your Traditional and Roth IRAs have a protection cap of $ 1 million from any bankruptcy proceeding. Any money that has been rolled over from other retirement accounts, such as 403(b) and 457(b) plans, are completely protected by law. It is important to remember that this protection is only in effect during a bankruptcy proceeding. They will not be protected from other court judgments.

In addition to IRA accounts, qualified retirement plans are also protected by law during bankruptcy. ERISA plans are also protected, so an ERISA asset protection retirement plan is not needed if you are going into bankruptcy.

Consider your large assets, such as your home. The amount of protection on your home can vary depending on what state you reside in. There are some states that offer limited legal protection, while other states will not provide any protection at all. Again, this is why it is imperative that you have an asset protection plan in effect. If the state and federal laws do not offer protection, you will already have a plan in place that will protect all of your assets.

State laws will determine how much protection is given for life insurance and annuities. In some cases, the cash surrender value of the life insurance policy will be protected. However, this does not always happen. In other cases, the only protection is for the beneficiary’s interest. Again, there are many states that offer no asset protection at all. If you need to know what laws are in place to protect your assets, check with your state’s official website to find out what protection is offered.

Just because there are laws in place, this does not mean that you will be safe from creditors during a lawsuit. No matter what kind of protection is offered by your state, it is always best to consult with an expert on asset protection planning such as Estate Street Partners. This is the only way you will be sure that your assets are protected, regardless of the type of legal proceeding.

Too many people rely on just the protection offered by their state. This often leads to a disastrous outcome. These people usually end up losing most, if not all of their assets. There are many strategies that are effective when planning for asset protection. Proper planning can actually deter creditors from attacking your estate and may save you from your assets from being lost. Proper asset protection planning may even save you from a lawsuit being filed in the first place. What contingent lawyer will take a case if he cannot find assets in your name when he does an asset search? None.

Learn how to protect your assets from potential frivolous lawsuits, preserve your wealth by recapturing lost tax dollars, defer capital gains taxes, eliminate inheritance taxes, reduce taxes on your income streams, eliminate probate and estate taxes. You will receive tax efficient wealth transfers to your next generation. We will utilize means of domestic LLCs and international offshore tax haven strategies and customize our program to meet your highest yield expectations and more. Contact us today if you have any questions. Rocco Beatrice, CPA, MST, MBA, CWPP, CMMB, CAPP, BSBA
Asset Protection
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