Estate Planning And A Special Needs Child

You have undoubtedly made provisions for how your beneficiaries or guardians will handle your finances in the event of your death or disability. You’ve appointed a guardian for your young children and you’ve outlined instructions for how to handle your child’s education, finances and other expenses. Sure, you have a plan in place to provide for your child – but have you thought about special provisions for your Special Needs Child?

Specials Need Children require special care when planning your estate. Because your child may not be able to care for himself, the first and foremost consideration for him in your estate plan is deciding who will be your child’s guardian. In the event of your death or disability, your appointed guardian will be the protector of your Specials Need Child’s interests. Make sure you choose wisely.

If you have not appointed a guardian, then your child will have a guardian appointed by the court. You can rest assured that the guardian will be legally bound to adhere to the instructions that you’ve left behind.

When it comes to finances, you will also need to establish a plan that will take care of your child for the rest of his life. Depending on how you set up your estate plan, your Specials Need Child could have access to all finances that you’ve left behind for him or her. But, it’s not always strategic to leave all of your assets behind to a Special Needs Child.

If your Specials Need Child meets low-income requirements, he will have access to government and privately sponsored aid, such as in-home care, institutional care, medicines and support. Thus, leaving behind a large sum of money might actually work against your Special Needs Child.

Your Specials Needs Child will most likely require special care for the remainder of his or her life. If he or she relies solely on the assets you leave behind instead of government-sponsored aid, then he will be out of luck when those assets are spent. Ultimately, the goal with a Special Need Child is to keep him in a position to have access to government and private aid.

So what do you do with the estate you’d like to leave behind for your child? If you leave it for him, he can’t have access to the resources he needs. If you don’t leave it, how to do you know he’ll always be financially secure?

Luckily, the government has approved a Special Needs Trust to allay this concern. A Special Needs Trust is a simple, straightforward way to leave assets for your Special Needs Child without jeopardizing his or her access to government benefits.

You will appoint a guardian that will control the funds in the Trust. In the event that your child needs care that is not directly covered by a government or privately sponsored program, the guardian can use the Trust funds to cover any expenses.

Setting up a Special Needs Trust is a sound move for any parent of a child with special needs. The Trust assures that your child will be protected and financially independent, yet also have access to a lifetime of government and privately sponsored aid.

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Estate Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You

When you work hard your entire life to build your wealth, you usually want your family to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor once you are gone. When you make mistakes in estate planning, your family could get much less of your estate that what you would like them to have.

The reason that this happens to some people is because when they were putting together an estate plan, they made mistakes that ended up costing their family later. To keep this from happening to your family, here are a few estate-planning mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Writing Your Own Will For most people, the do it yourself wills that you can find online, do not cover everything. If you want to make sure that your wishes are known and honored after your death, you will want the help of an expert, estate planning attorney to write your will. If you do insist on drafting your own will, you will at least want an attorney to review the document so that you can be sure that you have all of your bases covered.

Not Including Your Business in Your Estate Plan Though it may be uncomfortable to talk with your family about how you would like the family business divided, it is vital that you do so. This way you can be sure that all of your kids understand how you wish the business to be divided, and the reason behind your decision. To keep your business alive for future generations, it is also important that you look for ways within your estate plan to reduce your estate tax. If your tax is too high, your family could be forced to sell the business to pay taxes.

Not Using a Trust In a lot of cases it is better to leave money to your family through a trust instead of in a lump sum. This is especially true if you do not feel that certain family members would use the money wisely. With a trust you can leave instructions on how the money is to be used and help prevent your family member from going broke soon after they inherit.

Forgetting to Update Your Estate Plan Life is always changing and for this reason your estate plan will likely change a number of times over your lifetime. If you forget to update your estate plan, it could cause your family a lot of problems later. Not only should you review your estate plan every few years to make sure that there is nothing you are forgetting, but whenever there is a life changing event, such as a marriage, birth of a child, divorce, etc.

Avoiding mistakes with your estate plan may cost you a little more now, but it can save you, as well as your family a lot of money and disappointment later.

To learn more about estate planning and protect you from the cost of long term care, please visit the website of the experienced estate planning attorneys Sarasota FL of the Co-Executor PLLC today.

Arizona Divorce Record

Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons behind the popularity of various public files such as Arizona Divorce Records. The standard information that you will get from this document includes the individual’s present marital status and the facts about his past marriage, if any. If you wished to obtain this account, you must contact the County Clerk of the Superior Court where the separation took place.

The state government of Arizona does not treat these vital records as public records. Requesting for this information usually involves a small amount of charge which is payable at the Vital Records Office. This office accepts payments through check or money order, but not personal checks. Moreover, it requires you to provide a photo I.D., a family tree sketch, and any proof of family connection along with your request.

For a smooth process, it is necessary that you gather significant details about the couple in advance. Information such as their full names and the date of the separation are important. However, if in case you’re uncertain with the date, you can still proceed by specifying the span of years that you would like to search. Be aware, though, that the fee for this process depends on the span of years that is involved in your search.

Some of the things that must be found in your request form are the date of the request, the couple’s full names, the time and location of divorce, the type of final decree, your relationship with the involved individuals, and your cause for searching. Furthermore, you must also indicate your name, address, driver’s license number, state, and signature. More importantly, in this process, patience is a must-have.

Traditionally, obtaining this document requires your physical appearance at the county courthouse. In the advent of time, searching can now be done at your own convenience with the help of the Internet. It enables you to conduct the process even when you’re just inside your house. Hence, there’s no need to pay for a private investigator anymore. Through the Internet, the report that you desire is obtainable in just split minutes.

Nowadays, Divorce Records is essential in many ways. First of all, the information that it contains is useful in investigating the background of a prospective spouse. Divorced individuals who wished to marry again must also obtain this document. Moreover, it is a good source of information that can be used in any legal transactions. Multiple service providers now abound online. But if you wanted to have the best experience ever, paying a one-time fee for the service is the best option for you.

What is the best Arizona Divorce Records for you? Come and share our in-depth findings on Divorce Records.

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Empowering Divorce

Yes, it is possible to have a positive and empowering divorce. The most common thing that gets in the way of a positive divorce is anger. Sometimes it’s obvious, overt anger and sometimes it’s hidden under other emotions and gets expressed in more passive aggressive ways. Either way you are sending messages to your children about how adults are supposed to deal with conflict and hurt feelings.

Anger toward others usually has to do with thwarted expectations. They didn’t live up to our idea of how they should be. But often our expectations are unexpressed so our mate may not have even been aware of what our expectations were. In fact, our mate may have had expectations of their own that we didn’t live up to. The truth about expectations is that they are ours. We and we alone, are responsible for them.

So if you’re struggling through a divorce, take a look right now. What are you angry at? What expectations did you have of your partner that weren’t met? Now imagine your partner’s perspective. What expectations did your partner have of you that weren’t met? How much do these expectations have to do with your present anger with each other?

Expectations usually stem from our past experiences: What our parent’s marriage was like; how our siblings’ marriages are; our cultural, religious and social experience of marriage. All of these experiences generate our beliefs about how marriage should look. And even though our experience may change over time, our beliefs often remain the same even when they no longer fit our present circumstances.

Once again it’s up to you to examine your beliefs and make sure they are not creating unreasonable expectations of your partner, your children and yourself. Ask yourself, what old beliefs have I brought into the present moment which are now affecting what I expect from others? Are these expectations reasonable given the present circumstances? How are my expectations of others affecting my children?

Sometimes when there is a betrayal of trust; an affair or something equally destructive in our eyes, we believe we have a “right” to be angry and carry a grudge. But who then is really losing? If you are the one holding on to the pain and the anger, what are you getting out of it? How you choose to deal with the situation is completely up to you. Some people forgive their mates and some don’t. Neither choice is right nor wrong; they are simply choices we make. Usually it’s the anger and resentment over what happened that causes the destruction in the family, more so than the actual divorce. Recognize that you have the power to choose to forgive and move on; to live your life without regrets or recrimination. Otherwise, if you stay angry and bitter, where do you think you will end up? What will your kids learn from you about how to deal with being hurt? If someone hurts them, do you want them to learn to hold on to that pain and be “right” or do you want them to move on and be happy?

Perhaps you’re the one who acted out of integrity; you are the one who broke the bond of trust. Then why not own up to your mistakes. Take responsibility for your actions and demonstrate to your child that it’s human to make mistakes, and that you can clean up your mess and learn from the experience not to make the same mistake again. Apologize to the people you hurt, and be sincere.

Maybe you believe the divorce is your fault. It was you who fell out of love with your partner? You can clean that up too. Be honest. Apologize for not keeping your promise to love them always. Sometimes it is how it is, and the best thing to do is come clean. It won’t serve anyone to live in deceit, least of all your children. That only teaches them that it’s better to stay in a loveless marriage than be honest and allow both partners to find the love they desire and deserve.

Often in a breakup the kids get the brunt of our anger, especially if we can’t or won’t communicate our anger directly with our partner. Keep in mind always that your child is made up of both of you. They carry the DNA of both parents, so when you openly criticize your mate, you are negating half of who your child is; you are also making them wrong. You may think you are just getting even with the mate you are angry with by bad mouthing them to your children, but instead you are directly impacting your child’s self esteem. If they have to shut down or hide some part of themselves because you don’t like that part, they will never learn to love and accept themselves for who they really are.

Take time to remember why you were originally drawn to your partner. What was it that you were so attracted to at the beginning; their smile, their sense of humour, that little quirk you found so adorable? They probably still have those same qualities that once drew you to them even though your perception of them may have changed. Your child may also have some of those traits and those traits need to be cherished in your child. No matter what your partner has done, or how your feelings towards them have changed, your feelings toward your child must not be affected. Your most important work as a parent going through a divorce is to let your children know that you love them exactly as they are, no matter what.

By taking responsibility for your feelings, expectations and actions during this emotional transition, you create an opportunity to have an amazing relationship with your children and your ex-partner. From your example your child will learn how to deal with conflict and hurt in an empowering way. They will learn to love all aspects of themselves; the ones they get from both their parents. It is possible to have a positive and empowering divorce, and it’s really all up to you.

Marilyn Foreman continues to inspire parents to be the best they can be so they can then inspire their children to be their best. She coaches parents through “Inspired Parenting Groups”, where you can work in small close groups with Marilyn directly building a strong support system of friends. Marilyn also teaches by way of regular recorded classes you can download and listen to on your own time. She is a speaker and author of KidBits: Inspiration for Parents as well as a number of booklets on different topics of interest to parents. Download a free teleseminar right now “7 Tips for Being The Best Parent You Can Be” at or join an”Inspired Parents Group”

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy VS Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It is indeed most unfortunate situation to be under the state of debts and not able to pay them off within the stipulated time. Myriad reasons contribute to such an adversity, with the recession era being the prominent one in the recent times. The most plausible solution to get rid off such an affliction is to file for either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy under the guidance of a qualified Houston bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Sometimes also known as “liquidation” bankruptcy or “straight” bankruptcy, filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy indicates that in order to clear the debts, the business or one individual has intentions to sell all its assets, pay off the debts to the creditors and henceforth, stop all the business operations. Opting for such a procedure could involve considerable risks since it demands a hefty amount to apply for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the Houston bankruptcy attorney are also supposed to charge quiet a handsome fee to assist in such a cause. There is however a restriction on the number of times you can opt for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and you can do it another time only after 8 years of your first filing. To rescue the debtors from its disadvantages, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could prove to be much better solution.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is a repayment plan that requires the debtors to repay the concerned amount to the creditors within 3 to 5 years. It is a preferable option for the debtors who are in possession of costly assets such as certain movable property like car or immovable property such as home, which are not covered by exemptions. To file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the debtor needs to submit a plan before the court that should contain a detailed information regarding the amount he proposes to pay to each of his creditors. As in the case of Chapter 7, this form of bankruptcy also accompanies a certain filing fee along with the additional cost for miscellaneous administrative works. To ensure that the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petition be accepted, it would be a wise decision to seek the assistance of a Houston Bankruptcy attorney.

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Rethinking Divorce

Divorce may not be the option you want to take but if it’s the journey you’re on, how you perceive the process will determine your level of peace and joy before, during, and afterwards. This is a rebuilding of your life. It is a demolition followed by a foundation laying concluding with a brand new building construction. Throughout the process, there are growing pains, unforeseen delays and stumbling blocks that will make the end result that much better.

You are not a piece of shattered glass. You are clay being molded into a brand new sculpture and, no matter what happens, there is one thought you must hold onto: who you are is enough.

Ending a relationship that was supposed to last forever can be a crushing blow to the ego. When you’ve done all you can, given all you have and still came out with less than what you expected, the temptation is to say to yourself, “I’m not good enough.” You are as good as you make your mind up to be. Your life is as complete as you see it to be. If ever there was a time for you to own your role in the creation of a happy, peaceful life, divorce is the time to do it.

No matter who makes the decision to leave, separation happens on both sides. I’m not asking you to pretend like that’s not what you’re feeling. I’m telling you that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

In every obstacle, there’s an opportunity but it’s up to you to find out. If all you ever see is what’s not working, how will you ever find what is? When going through a divorce, there is one thing (and one thing only) that you know for sure: you are going through a divorce.

That’s it which means every other idea, opinion or belief you have is a creation in your own mind that you cannot prove is 100% true. If you can’t prove it’s 100% true and what you’re thinking winds up making you feel worse than you already do, why buy into it? If it’s all opinion anyway, why not believe the opinions that make you feel good?

For example, you can believe this: “I’m broken up about my divorce.”

Or this: “I’m ending my marriage and beginning a whole new chapter in my life.”

Both could be true but which one makes you feel better? Why not go for that?

You can buy into this: “My spouse never treated me well and I can’t stand the sight of him or her.”

Or you can believe this: “My spouse did the best he/she could to love me. It wasn’t enough and I’m moving on to find the love I deserve.”

Which one lifts your spirits?

Again, the only thing you know 100% for sure is that you’re going through a divorce. How you feel about it and what you think as you go through it is 100% up to you. Isn’t it time you reprogrammed the way you’re thinking about divorce?

Kassandra Vaughn is the creator and facilitator of the no-holds barred, step-by-step divorce strategy coaching program called The Ultimate Pre-Divorce Success Program. Ms. Vaughn is also the CEO of ROI Coaching, a virtual coaching firm designed to help clients maximize the quality of their lives starting NOW!

Jervonne and Russell Thacker met 4 years ago through a phone chat line. Jervonne says things between the two of them were good for a while, but she soon became bored with her husband. She says.
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Get Bankruptcy Help from a Bankruptcy Attorney

Times are tough and many people are feeling the pinch with jobs being lost, wages being cut, and generally just being in an economic rut.  It is easy when you are going to through such a time to feel all alone, like you are the only person in the world going through this, but rest assured that you are not.  If you have been searching for a solution but have not yet found one, you are also not alone.  If Phoenix bankruptcy is truly your only option, there are people who can help.  This is a path that has been walked down countless times before and there are professionals that are ready and willing to help you through this difficult time.


An Arizona bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the laws that are associated with the next steps that you have to take.  Bankruptcy is not something that you should take lightly, and this is why you need to make sure that it is done right.  Most people don’t know how to navigate through legal waters alone and this is what your attorney is there for.


To hire an attorney you may want to contact other people that you know who have been through this process, as they may be able to recommend a reputable professional for you to work with or they may even be able to tell you who to steer clear of!  If you do not know anyone or don’t feel comfortable asking, you can look in your local phone books for the names and numbers of local attorneys.  Most will be willing to meet with you for free for a short period of time, which will give you an idea of whether or not this is someone you can work with.


It’s important to remember that Arizona bankruptcy lawyers are going to cost you money, but most of the are willing to accept monthly payments.  Depending on the extent of the work they will have to do on your behalf, they may require a retainer, which is basically a deposit, which can be as much as $ 1,500 but then this is in your account and debited against as you go along and after this is gone you may have to make another deposit or pay monthly bills.  Usually these lawyers are very understanding when you don’t have a lot of cash laying around and will work with you to make their services as affordable as possible.


Bankruptcy is a stressful process, but when you are working with someone who knows the systems and can help guide you through all of the decisions, paperwork, and processes it will be a lot less stressful.  In the end, the money that you will have to spend on such a lawyer will be well worth the support and guidance that you receive from them.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. If Phoenix bankruptcy is truly your only option, there are people who can help. This is a path that has been walked down countless times before and there are professionals that are ready and willing to help you through this difficult time. An Arizona bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the laws that are associated with the next steps that you have to take.

Surviving Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. But sometimes these celebrations turn sour because of several reasons and take the form of divorce, thus parting the souls which were meant to stay together. The pain through which the divorced people pass though cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for some persons to control the emotional outburst that results because of divorce that they need medical assistance to overcome that ugly phase of their lives.

Divorce is not favored by anyone but sometimes the situation become so out of control that there is no other option except divorce. It is very tough for both the partners to cope up with the stress and alienation that occurs with this transition. So the effort should be applied not to go for such a painful stage of life.

First of all people contemplating divorce should always keep this fact in mind that there is a life after divorce but that is painful and terrible. It is an ugly phase which cannot be overcome easily. There is a possibility after divorce that you may start to regret certain things for which you may feel guilty. Further by opting for divorce you may spoil your kids life, who will not be able to get their parents love. So think 100 times before taking such a hard and merciless decision of your life.

If you find difficulty in divorce survival, then you can also take the help of your near and dear ones who are close to you. But remember that only you can employ certain efforts for surviving divorce and in that process no other person can help you except guiding you. Try to make your present better in stead of opting for an unpredictable future. Remember even a beautiful flower gets wilted sometimes because of harsh climatic conditions but if proper care is taken, it blossoms again on the return of favorable climatic conditions. So avoid divorce as it may lead you to nowhere.

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Bankruptcy In Rockford

Rockford has been one of the worse areas affected by the perfect economic storm that has been unrelenting for the last two years. Rockford bankruptcy lawyers are doing more business year to date. Average Rockford bankruptcy lawyers have full waiting rooms and more calling every day.

Finding Rockford bankruptcy lawyers ready and willing to help is not hard. And help they are doing. Each time a lawyer can get debtors and creditors to settle their debts it is a small step in helping to stabilize the local economy. And this economy is in very bad shape, one of the worst in the nation.

Most people find themselves in economic trouble in a sudden manner. A job is lost, their are unexpected medical bills or maybe even credit cards have raised their interest rates. Maybe all these happen at once, sending their personal finances into a downward spiral. They do not take the time to examine their finances in a critical way, until it is too late.

Then the start for a lawyer begins. Sometimes it is a frantic search, depending on how bad their finances have become.

Most people will start by asking relatives or friends for referrals. Often they are surprised by the fact that so many that they know well have had to reorganize their finances. Most people do not brag about a bad financial state.

If friends and relatives have been lucky or smart, then turn to the internet. There there is plenty of information on lawyers. Search out a few and begin calling.

Prepare an interview for them. Yes, an interview. You need to be in charge of your financial destiny. Nobody cares more about your situation than you.

You must be your own best advocate.

Your lawyer may advise that you to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy, or your advice may be more simple, such as getting on a budget and paying off your creditors.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

Summary Divorce

For some couples, summary divorce may be a viable option. There are many limitations excluding couples from using this streamlined divorce process, and not all jurisdictions offer summary divorce; yet where it is offered, it can provide couples with a fast, easy exit from their marital troubles.

Young couples may be the primary target for summary divorce, as it requires the individuals to have been married no longer than five years and have no dependent children. Furthermore, the couple must not have a mortgage on a home or any other property investments, and the total value of their marital property must usually be no larger than $ 35,000.

Marital property, defined, is that which is acquired throughout the course of a marriage. Major appliances and furniture usually go towards this amount, although vehicles are not included. Anything acquired once the couple separates (but prior to a divorce) does not count. The issue can become complicated if the couple decides to separate, but does not do so for an extended period of time because of impediments such as the inability to find affordable, alternative housing. According to most laws, as soon as the decision is made to separate, the acquisition of marital property ceases to be a possibility. However, if the couple cannot agree as to when exactly this decision was made (due to either communication problems or simply conflicting memories), the court may need to intercede and conclude the matter in their stead.

Of course, another prerequisite for this simplified divorce is some degree of agreement between the couple as to wanting fast divorce settlement. Not all specifics have to be agreed upon, as the court does remain available to resolve some disputes (depending on the jurisdiction). Yet there often is the assumption that the two sides have worked out some of the details themselves.

One detail that must be agreed to in most summary divorces is that neither side will seek alimony. This means that there will be no transfer of assets from one party to another (alimony) following the divorce. Beyond that, if agreements can be made on any money or property specifics, these can be submitted to make the process go that much faster.

Key benefits of a summary divorce could include reduced paperwork and fewer trips to the courthouse. Because there is an expectation that some level of agreement already exists, the amount of time each side will have to spend going back and forth with each other on negotiations should also be minimized.

Not everyone is eligible for a summary divorce, obviously, you may want to ask a divorce attorney whether you are and whether or not it is the right option for you. When a marriage ends quickly, it does not have to be accompanied by an extended falling out period with divorce arguments that wage on and on and on. Many jurisdictions do offer fast solutions, and a divorce attorney could introduce you to the basics that will allow you to quickly recover and get back into your everyday life.

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