The Complexities of Estate Planning

The subject of estate planning may not be something many people wish to think about. To invest time thinking about planning your estate essentially means you have to spend a little time thinking about your own mortality. After all, estate planning revolves around putting the proper system in place so your estate can be effectively managed when you have departed. While such a process can be a little morose on the surface, the fact remains this is something you will need to do to be sure your loved ones are not left in a difficult situation upon your passing.

As the name implies, estate planning requires you to examine the different components that must be integrated into proper and effective estate planning. These components include such responsibilities as drawing up a will, assigning power of attorney to a designated responsible party, and possibly even designating medical power of attorney. For some, it could prove best to have a trust designed should the circumstances warrant it.
Is there a major motivating factor behind instituting all these many varied responsibilities? Basically, they provide a sense of coherency to your survivors regarding what needs to be done with your estate. The most common example of this would be how a will can detail who will receive what distributions of any assets. A medical power of attorney directs a certain person to make medical decisions on behalf of an afflicted person who might otherwise be incapacitated.
In the absence of making such designations, family members would be left in a very difficult position of trying to navigate and address various issues surrounding the management of the estate. Worse yet, a responsible minded survivor may not even be legally be allowed to handle matters of the estate if they were not designated to do so by your prior to your death. And yes, there will need to be legal documents in place detailing such determinations.
Rather than set the stage for such a problematic outcome, it would be far better to properly plan out what will happen with the estate and who is directed which responsibilities long in advance. That is the essence of proper planning. Disputes and various resulting confusing issues may be appropriately eliminated via proper estate planning.
Effective estate planning is commonly handled by an accountant or an attorney. Keep one thing in mind when planning your estate, estate planning entails entails remaining in compliance with all applicable laws in your state. Different states have different laws and regulations. You need to be aware of those laws in order to ensure you are going about the planning in the appropriate manner. However, the average person is not aware of such things which is why it is best to hire those who can perform the proper professional duties.

Seeking out the counsel and help of such professionals is a must when you want to properly plan out how your estate is to be handled in the event of your passing. Doing so will certainly make things easier on your survivors and it will ensure your estate legitimately was planned out properly.For more information:

Impact of Divorce

A divorce is a decision in court that is for the purpose of terminating a marriage. The parties are able to marry again after the divorce is served. Obtaining a divorce is a very traumatic experience for both partners.

The falling apart of an intimate relationship is very stressful for the persons involved. When you are divorced, you carry a lot of different emotions. The shift from the normal routine of life and the expenses incurred can produce further stress. If there are kids involved, the trauma of the severance will burn out the parents making them negligent of the childrens needs. The new arrangements can cause a strain in the relationships. Even those parents living apart will have a schedule for visits, it is just not the same anymore. The children are most vulnerable in these cases. The sense of loss would be felt when some routine actions are not being performed anymore such as the telling of bedtime stories or packing the lunch box.

A lot of people liken the loss of an intimate relationship to dying. There are stages of acceptance in both instances, which are basically the same. These stages of acceptance do not necessarily mean that they happen in order. There are other people who would go in and out of the stages randomly or sometimes they even go back to a stage they have already been to. The stages last longer than usual for some people. This is because no two persons are the same. Some are more resilient while others are unyielding.

Denial is the most common stage. Even the plaintiff who is instigating the divorce still undergoes the denial stage. The full impact of the loss has not yet been felt here. Elation might be felt because of the freedom from the chains of bondage.

Anger is the most expected stage int he process of divorce. Even to the spouse who had been miserable during the marriage, anger is still present because of dreams not realized and needs not met. These feelings should be expressed and felt.

In most cases, guilt is present even to the spouse who doesnt feel responsible for the breakup. This is because the relationship was a failure. Parents may also blame themselves for their childrens “broken home.”

Grief sets in when the total blow of the loss is experienced. This is the most essential stage for the person to feel in order to reach the last one. It is important for them to express how they feel. They should learn to live with it and accept the break up.

Acceptance happens when the person acknowledges the finality of the divorce and that this episode was part of his life. They become empowered and are now ready to move on.

Divorce is a sticky messy situation for everyone. It is important to discuss the process with children and family members. Do not try to be secretive or cover it up. Talk honestly with your children and set out a clear financial budget so that everyone understands the financial shift that will be taking place.

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Importance of Estate planning and trusts

It’s a belief among a lot of people that estate planning and trusts is only for the wealthy, however this is not true. If you are one of those who have done well for yourself and saved money for your retirement and looking for a peaceful life ahead to live in your home or in any community, you are not alone in this process. Estate planning and trusts is the written legal agreement (contract) outlining a contractual obligation between the parties. There are a lot of things that are included in estate planning such as will, various trusts, powers of appointment, forms of property ownership, gifting, and power of attorney. The only goal of estate planning is to ensure that that the maximum quantity of estate passes to the estate owners or beneficiaries and the aim also involves paying fewer amounts of taxes and reducing the participation of the court. There are few other goals that involve preparation of the guardians of minors and incapacity.

All the innovations in the financial services are helping everyone to live a stronger and a healthier life like never before. But in order to avail all these services everyone need fiancés and everyone has to pay for it. There are a lot of services that elderly people need and medical and health insurance companies doesn’t pay for their needs. A lot of people quit their jobs in order to provide care to an elderly family member and a lot of old people refuses to move out of their old neighborhood and that is when trusts come in picture. They are one of the most important estate planning tools that can be used to address these concerns. With the help of these services, you can set up your own trust in order to make distribution based on various conditions that can help the beneficiary in the best possible way and lead them into right direction.

One of the most important processes in estate planning is that of a will, creating it is one of the main objectives. In cases, where you die interstate that means you don’t have a will, your state has the authority to dispose the property. According to the state’s scheme, blood relations will be used to determine as to who will get the assets of the property. There are chances that you may want to give your assets to a particular one who you know would love and cherish them but state scheme identifies people who would equally cherish it. There are chances that your assets may also pass to people who don’t like you or whom you don’t like on the other hand, they can also move to people who really care for you or took care for you. However, in cases where you have dependent children, it is advised to select guardians for them who can take of them in cases where something may happen to you or your spouse. Also, you need to make sure that you consult the other party ones before naming them as guardian.

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Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter seven – The court appoints a trustee for a debtor who has filed a petition under this bankruptcy chapter. This solution is also termed ‘liquidation of assets’ as this trustee liquidates some of the debtor’s assets to pay out off the collectors. A debtor gets to maintain his exempt home, if any.

Chapter thirteen – This is the most popular type of bankruptcy case that most shoppers have a preference for. You can shield all household furnishing, appliances and apparel as long at they are normal and moderately necessary by you and your spouse and children.

Jewellery, heirlooms, and performs of art- You can protect up to $ 7,175 in the aggregate value of any jewelry, heirlooms or operates of art that you individual.

Instruments Made use of for Perform-You can defend up to $ 7175 in resources, instruments, furnishings, books, and a person commercial motor motor vehicle that are regarded as reasonably important for working out your trade or occupation and are really used to earn a living. Your spouse can also use up to $ 7175 in instruments, instruments, and products that are moderately needed for exercising their occupation and are used to earn a living.

Retirement Plans-Public retirement positive aspects and private retirement strategies are exempt such as IRA’s and profit sharing plans developed for retirement.

House Equity- The equity in the home had been your reside can be guarded up the following quantity:
If you are a single particular person with no one else residing in your property then you can protect up to $ 75,000 in equity in the property.
If you are married and your spouse resides with you then you can shield up to $ 100,000 in equity in your house.
If you treatment and keep any of the pursuing in your home then you can guard up to $ a hundred,000 in equity in your home (if they have no curiosity in the home):?

your minor child or grandchild or that of your partner, or the small youngster or grandchild or your deceased spouse or former partner,
small brother or sister of you or your partner, or minimal child of your deceased brother or sister of you or your husband or wife,
your or your spouse’s father, mom or grandparents, or the father, mother, or grandparents of a deceased spouse.
An unmarried relative who is described above and who is around the age of 18, but is unable to treatment or deliver assist by themselves.

If you or your husband or wife is 65 a long time or older then you can shield up to $ 175,000 in equity in your house.
If you are 55 a long time of age or older and you make significantly less than $ 15,000 a 12 months gross cash flow or you are married and your blended income is much less than $ 20,000 then you can protect up to $ 175,000 in equity in your household.
If you are physically or mentally disabled then you can guard up to $ 175,000 in equity in your home.

The previously mentioned facts is not intended as legal guidance and you really should continually check with with an skilled bankruptcy lawyer to make certain that your house, motor vehicle or other private residence can be guarded.

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Why is Estate Planning Important?

If you are a relatively young person, you might think that estate planning bears no relevance to you and can be done some time in the future. A responsible person always makes contingency plans for any future eventuality, and that is what an estate plan is. If you have just married or have young children it is all the more important that you are more responsible with your finances so that your spouse, loved ones and minor children are taken care of if you were to meet with an unforeseen accident or death.


Estate planning ensures that all your assets: cash, properties, shares, clothes, jewelry, land, retirement, investment and savings are properly disbursed on your death. The goal of the estate planning is to ensure that most of these assets are transferred to your beneficiaries while paying the least amount in taxes. In case you have minor children, the plan will assign legal guardians for them to act on their behalf until they reach their adulthood.  The plan may involve the making of a will and a trust. After establishing your needs, your estate planning attorney would recommend whether you approach a will-based estate plan or a trust-based plan. A will is a legal document that is a decree of your wishes on how you would like your properties to be distributed on your death. Should you want to set up a trust, the properties would be entrusted to an individual or organization that would manage your property on behalf of the beneficiaries. If you require some person to act on your behalf having legal power to handle your affairs when you are unable or unavailable then the document called a “power of attorney” can be drawn up.


Over the years, the number of trust-based estate plans has been on the rise as creation of a trust involves fewer administrative expenses and so your lawyer would advise it over a will-based plan. Will based plans generally invite higher administrative costs during probate. Whatever your decision, even a revocable trust would still require you to make a last will and testament to express your last wishes. For all your queries you should visit lawyers who specialize in handling such cases. If you are of sound mental health and above 18 years in age you are eligible to start thinking of making your will and start the process of estate planning. Hannibal MO residents can consult family lawyers who will give you the best counsel.



When to comes to equal distribution and documentation of properties or assets, always look for appointing professional Estate Planning Hannibal MO  attorney for complete legal procedures.

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Estate Planning Documents for Incapacitation

A well-organized and well-written estate plan should include documents that are necessary and useful during times of your incapacitation and also death. The plan should include the Durable Power of Attorney in order to name a specific person of your choosing to manage and oversee all if not specific aspects of your financial affairs. This document is very important since it provides your chosen agent the authority to completely access all of your financial accounts, permitting him to buy or sell assets, open and close your accounts, and all other things that involves the management of your money. And because of those very important functions, it is very crucial that you find someone trustworthy enough to handle your financial issues.

Aside from the Durable Power of Attorney, your plan should also include a document called Advanced Health Care Directive. This document allows you to name a specific individual of your choice who serves as your health care representative. This person will be responsible in making all the needed medical decisions on your behalf should you become too ill and unable to do so. Your representative will also be given access to all your medical information that will be most helpful in making the right decision with regards to your medical care and treatment. Without this vital document, your representative will not be given the authority to access these information that will help and guide him in his decisions.

A Living Will is also another document that should play an important role with regards to your incapacitation. This document will provide important and vital information to your health care representative on what kind of medical care you will be willing to comply and which you do not wish to undergo. You can also express your decision with regards to the use of life support to prolong life should your become incapacitated. A Living Will is not at all a compulsory document but it plays an important role for some people who wish to set forth their specific wishes that concerns end of life decisions. This document also expresses you wish to donate or not to donate your organs upon death.

The above mentioned documents should be enough to help your agent and representative make the necessary financial and medical decisions on your behalf. And in order to make these documents in a well-written and well-planned form, will need the expertise of the Estate Planner Austin. The firm has expert lawyers and accountants that specialize in all aspects of estate planning including documents for incapacitation. The Estate Planner Austin will make sure that their clients achieve their ultimate goal thus giving them an honorable and respectable death that they deserve in the future. 

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Filing Bankruptcy Twice

Often times clients ask me if they can file bankruptcy twice.  There seems to be the mistaken belief among many people, attorneys included, that you cannot file bankruptcy twice or that the Federal Law places a specific limit on the number of times that you can file bankruptcy.

Actually, the limits on bankruptcy are not on the number of times that you can file.  Rather, The limits on filing bankruptcy are not so much on the number of times that you can “file” but rather on how often you can get a “discharge” of your debts in a bankruptcy case that you have filed. For example, you can file Chapter 7 this year, get a discharge, then file Chapter 13 two years and the Court will allow the filing.  However, you may not be eligible to receive a discharge in the subsequent case.

There is a complex set of rules that apply.  For example, you can receive a Chapter 7 discharge 8 years after a Chapter 7 filing and 6 years after a Chapter 13 filing. You would need to consult with a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer who has a strong command of the relevant rules to answer this question properly. In the Chapter 13 context the waiting periods to obtain a discharge are shorter, meaning you have to wait less time after a bankruptcy filing to be able to file a Chapter 13 and obtain a discharge of your debts in that Chapter 13 case.  The rules differ depending upon whether your prior case was a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 case.

There are rules that provide that if you file multiple bankruptcies you receive less benefits in the subsequently filed bankruptcies, such as reduced or non-existent bankruptcy automatic stay, which would primarily affect a Chapter 13 case and not a Chapter 7 case because Chapter 13 is usually filed to obtain the benefit of the automatic stay and stop a foreclosure.

So if you are considering bankruptcy and need to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, make sure your lawyer understands that the limits on bankruptcy filings mainly address the number of discharges that you can obtain in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case and not the number of times that you can file in a given period of time.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Estate Planning with the Experts

Nobody knows when our life is going to end. Nobody has the ability to predict when you are going to leave this world. And sometimes, the thought of death is something that many people find it hard to accept. Death of a person gives an end to his life but not for the people he loves.  In this matter, it is important for most people to secure the future of his or her loved ones before he leaves the world.

And since you are sure of your death but not the time of course, the best way to give a secured future to your loved ones is to have an estate plan. This includes the trusts, will and POA (power of Attorney). The mentioned legal actions are very important since it will give you the organized process of distributing your investments that you have acquired while you are living. These legal processes are very important in determining to whom you will entrust your properties. A will is also a legal way to set your wishes on how you want your assets to be distributed.

Setting up these legal actions when you become incapable of managing your estates of before your death comes is necessary. It is the best approaches you can do to give you peace of mind that you will everyone you love secured and understand the things that you want them to do with your business and other expensive items.

Estate planning will also include your decision to who will be the guardian of your minor children incase you and your spouse accidentally died. Making legal actions is about being prepared for all the possibilities. It is indeed you are expecting death but with good reasons to leave everyone you love financially secured.

Estate planning is also necessary to avoid any conflicts to occur within the family. We all know how money and estates sometimes give trouble to family.

When you work on your estate planning, it would be a good idea to acquire the service of the Austin Estate Planners to give you the best explanations regarding the legal matters that you are going to make. Lawyers and accountants are among the person behind estate planners’ business. These people know your rights concerning your assets thus also give you assurance that your assets will be distributed according to what have you said be it in a written form or verbal.

Austin Estate Planners will take good care of your investments as well as your family, thus you have the peace of mind that your loved ones will be left behind with bright and secured future.

For more of real estate planning needs, visit Austin Estate Planners, where you can settle your assets and secure your future.

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Estate Planning And A Special Needs Child

You have undoubtedly made provisions for how your beneficiaries or guardians will handle your finances in the event of your death or disability. You’ve appointed a guardian for your young children and you’ve outlined instructions for how to handle your child’s education, finances and other expenses. Sure, you have a plan in place to provide for your child – but have you thought about special provisions for your Special Needs Child?

Specials Need Children require special care when planning your estate. Because your child may not be able to care for himself, the first and foremost consideration for him in your estate plan is deciding who will be your child’s guardian. In the event of your death or disability, your appointed guardian will be the protector of your Specials Need Child’s interests. Make sure you choose wisely.

If you have not appointed a guardian, then your child will have a guardian appointed by the court. You can rest assured that the guardian will be legally bound to adhere to the instructions that you’ve left behind.

When it comes to finances, you will also need to establish a plan that will take care of your child for the rest of his life. Depending on how you set up your estate plan, your Specials Need Child could have access to all finances that you’ve left behind for him or her. But, it’s not always strategic to leave all of your assets behind to a Special Needs Child.

If your Specials Need Child meets low-income requirements, he will have access to government and privately sponsored aid, such as in-home care, institutional care, medicines and support. Thus, leaving behind a large sum of money might actually work against your Special Needs Child.

Your Specials Needs Child will most likely require special care for the remainder of his or her life. If he or she relies solely on the assets you leave behind instead of government-sponsored aid, then he will be out of luck when those assets are spent. Ultimately, the goal with a Special Need Child is to keep him in a position to have access to government and private aid.

So what do you do with the estate you’d like to leave behind for your child? If you leave it for him, he can’t have access to the resources he needs. If you don’t leave it, how to do you know he’ll always be financially secure?

Luckily, the government has approved a Special Needs Trust to allay this concern. A Special Needs Trust is a simple, straightforward way to leave assets for your Special Needs Child without jeopardizing his or her access to government benefits.

You will appoint a guardian that will control the funds in the Trust. In the event that your child needs care that is not directly covered by a government or privately sponsored program, the guardian can use the Trust funds to cover any expenses.

Setting up a Special Needs Trust is a sound move for any parent of a child with special needs. The Trust assures that your child will be protected and financially independent, yet also have access to a lifetime of government and privately sponsored aid.

Jayden Briggs writes about Akron Collection Attorneys, Albuquerque Collection Attorneys and other legal topics.

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Estate Planning Mistakes That Can Cost You

When you work hard your entire life to build your wealth, you usually want your family to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor once you are gone. When you make mistakes in estate planning, your family could get much less of your estate that what you would like them to have.

The reason that this happens to some people is because when they were putting together an estate plan, they made mistakes that ended up costing their family later. To keep this from happening to your family, here are a few estate-planning mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Writing Your Own Will For most people, the do it yourself wills that you can find online, do not cover everything. If you want to make sure that your wishes are known and honored after your death, you will want the help of an expert, estate planning attorney to write your will. If you do insist on drafting your own will, you will at least want an attorney to review the document so that you can be sure that you have all of your bases covered.

Not Including Your Business in Your Estate Plan Though it may be uncomfortable to talk with your family about how you would like the family business divided, it is vital that you do so. This way you can be sure that all of your kids understand how you wish the business to be divided, and the reason behind your decision. To keep your business alive for future generations, it is also important that you look for ways within your estate plan to reduce your estate tax. If your tax is too high, your family could be forced to sell the business to pay taxes.

Not Using a Trust In a lot of cases it is better to leave money to your family through a trust instead of in a lump sum. This is especially true if you do not feel that certain family members would use the money wisely. With a trust you can leave instructions on how the money is to be used and help prevent your family member from going broke soon after they inherit.

Forgetting to Update Your Estate Plan Life is always changing and for this reason your estate plan will likely change a number of times over your lifetime. If you forget to update your estate plan, it could cause your family a lot of problems later. Not only should you review your estate plan every few years to make sure that there is nothing you are forgetting, but whenever there is a life changing event, such as a marriage, birth of a child, divorce, etc.

Avoiding mistakes with your estate plan may cost you a little more now, but it can save you, as well as your family a lot of money and disappointment later.

To learn more about estate planning and protect you from the cost of long term care, please visit the website of the experienced estate planning attorneys Sarasota FL of the Co-Executor PLLC today.