Chapter 7 Bankruptcy VS Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It is indeed most unfortunate situation to be under the state of debts and not able to pay them off within the stipulated time. Myriad reasons contribute to such an adversity, with the recession era being the prominent one in the recent times. The most plausible solution to get rid off such an affliction is to file for either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy under the guidance of a qualified Houston bankruptcy attorney.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Sometimes also known as “liquidation” bankruptcy or “straight” bankruptcy, filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy indicates that in order to clear the debts, the business or one individual has intentions to sell all its assets, pay off the debts to the creditors and henceforth, stop all the business operations. Opting for such a procedure could involve considerable risks since it demands a hefty amount to apply for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and the Houston bankruptcy attorney are also supposed to charge quiet a handsome fee to assist in such a cause. There is however a restriction on the number of times you can opt for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and you can do it another time only after 8 years of your first filing. To rescue the debtors from its disadvantages, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could prove to be much better solution.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is a repayment plan that requires the debtors to repay the concerned amount to the creditors within 3 to 5 years. It is a preferable option for the debtors who are in possession of costly assets such as certain movable property like car or immovable property such as home, which are not covered by exemptions. To file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the debtor needs to submit a plan before the court that should contain a detailed information regarding the amount he proposes to pay to each of his creditors. As in the case of Chapter 7, this form of bankruptcy also accompanies a certain filing fee along with the additional cost for miscellaneous administrative works. To ensure that the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy petition be accepted, it would be a wise decision to seek the assistance of a Houston Bankruptcy attorney.

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Rethinking Divorce

Divorce may not be the option you want to take but if it’s the journey you’re on, how you perceive the process will determine your level of peace and joy before, during, and afterwards. This is a rebuilding of your life. It is a demolition followed by a foundation laying concluding with a brand new building construction. Throughout the process, there are growing pains, unforeseen delays and stumbling blocks that will make the end result that much better.

You are not a piece of shattered glass. You are clay being molded into a brand new sculpture and, no matter what happens, there is one thought you must hold onto: who you are is enough.

Ending a relationship that was supposed to last forever can be a crushing blow to the ego. When you’ve done all you can, given all you have and still came out with less than what you expected, the temptation is to say to yourself, “I’m not good enough.” You are as good as you make your mind up to be. Your life is as complete as you see it to be. If ever there was a time for you to own your role in the creation of a happy, peaceful life, divorce is the time to do it.

No matter who makes the decision to leave, separation happens on both sides. I’m not asking you to pretend like that’s not what you’re feeling. I’m telling you that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

In every obstacle, there’s an opportunity but it’s up to you to find out. If all you ever see is what’s not working, how will you ever find what is? When going through a divorce, there is one thing (and one thing only) that you know for sure: you are going through a divorce.

That’s it which means every other idea, opinion or belief you have is a creation in your own mind that you cannot prove is 100% true. If you can’t prove it’s 100% true and what you’re thinking winds up making you feel worse than you already do, why buy into it? If it’s all opinion anyway, why not believe the opinions that make you feel good?

For example, you can believe this: “I’m broken up about my divorce.”

Or this: “I’m ending my marriage and beginning a whole new chapter in my life.”

Both could be true but which one makes you feel better? Why not go for that?

You can buy into this: “My spouse never treated me well and I can’t stand the sight of him or her.”

Or you can believe this: “My spouse did the best he/she could to love me. It wasn’t enough and I’m moving on to find the love I deserve.”

Which one lifts your spirits?

Again, the only thing you know 100% for sure is that you’re going through a divorce. How you feel about it and what you think as you go through it is 100% up to you. Isn’t it time you reprogrammed the way you’re thinking about divorce?

Kassandra Vaughn is the creator and facilitator of the no-holds barred, step-by-step divorce strategy coaching program called The Ultimate Pre-Divorce Success Program. Ms. Vaughn is also the CEO of ROI Coaching, a virtual coaching firm designed to help clients maximize the quality of their lives starting NOW!

Jervonne and Russell Thacker met 4 years ago through a phone chat line. Jervonne says things between the two of them were good for a while, but she soon became bored with her husband. She says.
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Get Bankruptcy Help from a Bankruptcy Attorney

Times are tough and many people are feeling the pinch with jobs being lost, wages being cut, and generally just being in an economic rut.  It is easy when you are going to through such a time to feel all alone, like you are the only person in the world going through this, but rest assured that you are not.  If you have been searching for a solution but have not yet found one, you are also not alone.  If Phoenix bankruptcy is truly your only option, there are people who can help.  This is a path that has been walked down countless times before and there are professionals that are ready and willing to help you through this difficult time.


An Arizona bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the laws that are associated with the next steps that you have to take.  Bankruptcy is not something that you should take lightly, and this is why you need to make sure that it is done right.  Most people don’t know how to navigate through legal waters alone and this is what your attorney is there for.


To hire an attorney you may want to contact other people that you know who have been through this process, as they may be able to recommend a reputable professional for you to work with or they may even be able to tell you who to steer clear of!  If you do not know anyone or don’t feel comfortable asking, you can look in your local phone books for the names and numbers of local attorneys.  Most will be willing to meet with you for free for a short period of time, which will give you an idea of whether or not this is someone you can work with.


It’s important to remember that Arizona bankruptcy lawyers are going to cost you money, but most of the are willing to accept monthly payments.  Depending on the extent of the work they will have to do on your behalf, they may require a retainer, which is basically a deposit, which can be as much as $ 1,500 but then this is in your account and debited against as you go along and after this is gone you may have to make another deposit or pay monthly bills.  Usually these lawyers are very understanding when you don’t have a lot of cash laying around and will work with you to make their services as affordable as possible.


Bankruptcy is a stressful process, but when you are working with someone who knows the systems and can help guide you through all of the decisions, paperwork, and processes it will be a lot less stressful.  In the end, the money that you will have to spend on such a lawyer will be well worth the support and guidance that you receive from them.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer. If Phoenix bankruptcy is truly your only option, there are people who can help. This is a path that has been walked down countless times before and there are professionals that are ready and willing to help you through this difficult time. An Arizona bankruptcy attorney can help you understand the laws that are associated with the next steps that you have to take.

Surviving Divorce

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. But sometimes these celebrations turn sour because of several reasons and take the form of divorce, thus parting the souls which were meant to stay together. The pain through which the divorced people pass though cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for some persons to control the emotional outburst that results because of divorce that they need medical assistance to overcome that ugly phase of their lives.

Divorce is not favored by anyone but sometimes the situation become so out of control that there is no other option except divorce. It is very tough for both the partners to cope up with the stress and alienation that occurs with this transition. So the effort should be applied not to go for such a painful stage of life.

First of all people contemplating divorce should always keep this fact in mind that there is a life after divorce but that is painful and terrible. It is an ugly phase which cannot be overcome easily. There is a possibility after divorce that you may start to regret certain things for which you may feel guilty. Further by opting for divorce you may spoil your kids life, who will not be able to get their parents love. So think 100 times before taking such a hard and merciless decision of your life.

If you find difficulty in divorce survival, then you can also take the help of your near and dear ones who are close to you. But remember that only you can employ certain efforts for surviving divorce and in that process no other person can help you except guiding you. Try to make your present better in stead of opting for an unpredictable future. Remember even a beautiful flower gets wilted sometimes because of harsh climatic conditions but if proper care is taken, it blossoms again on the return of favorable climatic conditions. So avoid divorce as it may lead you to nowhere.

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Bankruptcy In Rockford

Rockford has been one of the worse areas affected by the perfect economic storm that has been unrelenting for the last two years. Rockford bankruptcy lawyers are doing more business year to date. Average Rockford bankruptcy lawyers have full waiting rooms and more calling every day.

Finding Rockford bankruptcy lawyers ready and willing to help is not hard. And help they are doing. Each time a lawyer can get debtors and creditors to settle their debts it is a small step in helping to stabilize the local economy. And this economy is in very bad shape, one of the worst in the nation.

Most people find themselves in economic trouble in a sudden manner. A job is lost, their are unexpected medical bills or maybe even credit cards have raised their interest rates. Maybe all these happen at once, sending their personal finances into a downward spiral. They do not take the time to examine their finances in a critical way, until it is too late.

Then the start for a lawyer begins. Sometimes it is a frantic search, depending on how bad their finances have become.

Most people will start by asking relatives or friends for referrals. Often they are surprised by the fact that so many that they know well have had to reorganize their finances. Most people do not brag about a bad financial state.

If friends and relatives have been lucky or smart, then turn to the internet. There there is plenty of information on lawyers. Search out a few and begin calling.

Prepare an interview for them. Yes, an interview. You need to be in charge of your financial destiny. Nobody cares more about your situation than you.

You must be your own best advocate.

Your lawyer may advise that you to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy, or your advice may be more simple, such as getting on a budget and paying off your creditors.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

Summary Divorce

For some couples, summary divorce may be a viable option. There are many limitations excluding couples from using this streamlined divorce process, and not all jurisdictions offer summary divorce; yet where it is offered, it can provide couples with a fast, easy exit from their marital troubles.

Young couples may be the primary target for summary divorce, as it requires the individuals to have been married no longer than five years and have no dependent children. Furthermore, the couple must not have a mortgage on a home or any other property investments, and the total value of their marital property must usually be no larger than $ 35,000.

Marital property, defined, is that which is acquired throughout the course of a marriage. Major appliances and furniture usually go towards this amount, although vehicles are not included. Anything acquired once the couple separates (but prior to a divorce) does not count. The issue can become complicated if the couple decides to separate, but does not do so for an extended period of time because of impediments such as the inability to find affordable, alternative housing. According to most laws, as soon as the decision is made to separate, the acquisition of marital property ceases to be a possibility. However, if the couple cannot agree as to when exactly this decision was made (due to either communication problems or simply conflicting memories), the court may need to intercede and conclude the matter in their stead.

Of course, another prerequisite for this simplified divorce is some degree of agreement between the couple as to wanting fast divorce settlement. Not all specifics have to be agreed upon, as the court does remain available to resolve some disputes (depending on the jurisdiction). Yet there often is the assumption that the two sides have worked out some of the details themselves.

One detail that must be agreed to in most summary divorces is that neither side will seek alimony. This means that there will be no transfer of assets from one party to another (alimony) following the divorce. Beyond that, if agreements can be made on any money or property specifics, these can be submitted to make the process go that much faster.

Key benefits of a summary divorce could include reduced paperwork and fewer trips to the courthouse. Because there is an expectation that some level of agreement already exists, the amount of time each side will have to spend going back and forth with each other on negotiations should also be minimized.

Not everyone is eligible for a summary divorce, obviously, you may want to ask a divorce attorney whether you are and whether or not it is the right option for you. When a marriage ends quickly, it does not have to be accompanied by an extended falling out period with divorce arguments that wage on and on and on. Many jurisdictions do offer fast solutions, and a divorce attorney could introduce you to the basics that will allow you to quickly recover and get back into your everyday life.

Deborah Smith Writer about divorce and family law at

Estate Planning & Incentive Trusts

When you take stock of your assets and recognize the fact that your estate is going to have a considerable impact on the lives of your heirs, it is important to consider the personalities and proclivities of the each individual involved. There will probably be some family members who are ready to receive their inheritances directly with no strings attached at all, but you may have some nagging doubts about others. Younger people who are not established in their own right may lose their way if they find that they don’t really have to gain an education and embark on a career path for financial reasons. And others may have personal problems or difficulty handling money, and these types of things can give you reason to take pause.

Incentive trusts are estate planning tools that you might want to consider to address these concerns. With these vehicles you set up the trust to make distributions based on certain stipulations that are intended to guide the beneficiary in the right direction. For example, many people create trusts that provide academic incentives. You may allow for regular distributions as long as the beneficiary remains in school, and provide for a lump sum distribution upon graduation. You can take that a step further and foster an ongoing work ethic by having the trust match each dollar that is earned by the beneficiary in his or her own right.

In addition to encouraging positive choices, incentive trusts can be used to discourage destructive behavior. For example, you could tie distributions from the trust to completion of a substance abuse treatment program, and add provisions for ongoing distributions contingent upon staying free of the addiction or addictions.

These are just a few common examples of how incentive trusts are used, but you can actually create such a trust with any stipulations you choose to as long as they are not illegal. There are obvious reasons to tread lightly and proceed with caution because you don’t want your gifts to be met with resentment, but if you use them wisely incentive trusts can be a very useful inheritance planning solution.

To learn more about incentive trusts and protect you from the cost of long term care, please visit the website of the experienced estate planning attorneys San Diego CA of the Legacy, APC today.

Divorce Lawyer

The rate of divorces has increased drastically in recent years, not just in Australia but in many parts of the world. This is due to many reasons but most will agree that the change to no-fault divorces has increased the rate of divorce. Whereas years ago, couples had to prove the their spouse was “unfit” or did something wrong, with a no-fault divorce couples can obtain a divorce by merely stating they no longer wish to be married. Regardless of the reason a couple chooses to get a divorce, it’s in their best interest to find a good divorce lawyer.

Australia has very clear and relatively easy-to-satisfy divorce laws. The only requirements are that you be domiciled in Australia, be an Australian citizen or an Australian resident for at least 12 months. If you meet these requirements, and have been separated from your spouse for at least 12 months, you can file for a divorce in Australia. In certain cases, the spouses are not required to attend their court hearing. One of these situations is if there are no children under the age of 18. If you do have children under the age of 18, and both you and your spouse sign a joint divorce application, you will not need to make a court appearance unless the court waives this requirement for some reason.

In spite of how easy it is to obtain a divorce in Australia, it will still be beneficial for you to have a divorce lawyer, particularly if minor children and/or property are involved. A good divorce lawyer can help you with separation, divorce, property settlement, child custody, maintenance and defacto property settlement. Occasionally, a couple will choose to handle a divorce themselves without the assistance of a divorce lawyer. This is not recommended unless there are no children or assets and both spouses are in full agreement of the simplicity of the divorce. In all other cases, a divorce lawyer is highly recommended to help stand up for your rights regarding the many issues involving family law and divorce.

Australia has made every effort to make divorce as easy, inexpensive and pain free as possible for the couple by requiring the using of arbitration in divorce cases. The private arbitration system for divorces was implemented by the federal Attorney-General of Australia to help eliminate the many disputes brought on by divorce. Divorce lawyers authorized by the courts will handle the arbitration. The couples seeking the divorce can choose their own divorce lawyer from the court-appointed list. The main purpose of the arbitration is to help resolve money issues. Arbitrators, however, have no authority to rule on disputes involving child custody.

Many people confuse arbitration with mediation or believe they are the same thing when they are actually quite different. A good divorce lawyer can explain the divorce an assist you with your needs during your divorce proceedings. A mediator cannot make a decision for or against a wife or husband but is there to listen to both sides and offer suggestions on how they can both compromise to come to an agreeable solution. If the couple cannot come to an agreement, the job of the mediator is over and an arbitrator is brought into the case. In some cases, however, the mediator is asked to come to a decision for the couple, although this is not recommended because it’s often difficult for a mediator to suddenly switch roles and become an arbitrator.

Arbitrators are divorce lawyers set by the court and can set their own fees, which can often be quite expensive. Couples have the choice of choosing their own arbitrator if they’re not happy with the one chosen by the court. A divorce can be a small matter between two individuals but can also be a huge court case involving a couple, their children and jointly owned property. In such a case, you will want a good divorce lawyer. You will want to make sure you have a lawyer that is experienced enough to help you in your divorce. Because there are many circumstances in divorces, you may need a checklist of questions for your divorce lawyer to help ensure you are getting the best possible divorce lawyer for your needs, some of which may include:

1. How many divorces have they handled? You do not want a divorce lawyer with little or no experience in divorces. Unless they’ve actually handled a divorce, they’re not going to know what to expect or if there courts lean towards any certain trends. 2. What is their specialty in divorces? Although some divorces may be simple, some involve property settlements, custody battles, child support, maintenance, etc. You’ll need to know your divorce lawyer has experience that will meet your needs. 3. What kind of reputation do they have in divorce cases? You may notice in divorces of wealthy couples, women seeking large settlements often seek the same divorce lawyer or couples seeking custody will use divorce lawyers that are successful in these issues. Find out what your divorce lawyer’s success rate is. 4. What are the costs? The cost of divorce can be as low as hundreds (doing it yourself) and as high as thousands of dollars. Have your divorce lawyer explain what the expenses will be. Find out if there are any expenses that can be lessened or eliminated without hurting your case. 5. How many arbitrations have they been involved in? If they are a court-appointed arbitrator, as is customary in Australia divorce cases, they’ve probably been in arbitrations before. Find out how many and how they resulted. 6. What type of arbitrations has your divorce lawyer been involved in? If you suspect your divorce is going to become a nasty fight for custody, you want a divorce lawyer that’s experienced and successful in child custody cases. 7. What does your divorce lawyer hope to accomplish in your divorce? Have him explain the most and least he hopes to get for you. Don’t be afraid to compare divorce lawyers if you don’t feel the first one you see can help you. 8. If asked, would your divorce lawyer be willing to work as an arbitrator and mediator? The answer you get from your lawyer may determine if he’s the right divorce lawyer for you. Lawyers compared is a handy online guide for individuals seeking the services of a lawyer in Australia. This online guide covers such areas as divorce lawyers, family lawyers, commercial lawyers and more.

Bankruptcy Considerations

When considering filing for personal bankruptcy, you need to consult with Southgate bankruptcy lawyers. While you do not need to hire lawyers for bankruptcy, Southgate bankruptcy lawyers definitely help. Southgate bankruptcy lawyers understand that bankruptcy is a federal process.

The constitution of the United States of America provides bankruptcy as a federal right for all Americans. It is done in federal courts. In the state of Michigan, you can file for bankruptcy in either the Eastern Michigan Bankruptcy District o the Western Michigan Bankruptcy District. Which depends on what part of the state you live in. However, state laws also apply to bankruptcy.

For example, the state of Michigan has its own list of bankruptcy exemptions particular to that state. There is also a list of federal bankruptcy exemptions. When filing for personal bankruptcy in the state of Michigan, you choose between using the state bankruptcy exemption list and the federal bankruptcy exemption list. If you choose the state bankruptcy exemption list, you can also use supplemental federal bankruptcy exemptions.

You will also need to decide whether to file for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy or chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. Chapter 7 involves a court-appointed trustee helping you to liquidate your nonexempt property in order to repay you debts. Chapter 13 reorganizes your debts into a three to five year repayment plan.

At any point during your bankruptcy, so long as you have not switched over once before and are eligible for both, you can switch from chapter 7 to chapter 13 or from chapter 13 to chapter 7. Chapter 7 stays on you credit report for 10 years while chapter 13 stays on your credit report for 7 years.

Which exemptions you use and which type of bankruptcy to file depends upon the particulars of your case. Southgate bankruptcy lawyers will know best how to proceed, what exemptions to use, and what type of bankruptcy to file for.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

6 Easy Estate Planning Tips

Estate planning is a legal process that allows you to prepare for the future. It is important to take advantage of this planning so that you are able to outline your wishes and have a plan in place for the unexpected.

Take the following 6 easy tips into consideration when starting your estate planning.

It is important to start your estate plan as soon as possible. If you continue to put off your planning, you will be unprepared for the unexpected.

Hire an estate planning attorney. Many people attempt to do their own planning in order to save money. This can result in errors and consequences in the future. Working with an estate planning attorney will enable you to have a plan that is effective, legal and error free.

Make sure your estate plan is up to date. Everyone should review their estate plan with an attorney every 3 to 5 years. If you experience life changes such as divorce, death or a spouse, or birth of a child, you need to update your planning.

Everyone needs a will. Without a will, you will not have a say in who will be given your assets after your death or who will care for your children if you are unable to.

It is important to have health care directives in place. This will allow you to appoint someone to help make important medical decisions if you are ever unable to. This will also allow you to make important medical decisions ahead of time so that your wishes are followed.

Store your estate planning documents in a safe place. It is a good idea to keep documents protected from fire, water and theft. It is recommended that you keep copies of your estate planning documents with a friend or family member.

Follow the above tips when planning for the future. Taking the time to plan now will avoid problems in the future and allow you to focus on enjoying life.

If you have questions about these 6 easy estate planning tips, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

To learn more about estate planning and protect you from the cost of long term care, please visit the website of the experienced estate planning attorneys Forest Hills NY of the Davidov & Davidov P.C today.