Want to Shed Your Flab? Try Phentermine Pills – Limit Your Flavors

Overweight and obesity are fast spreading in the entire world that is gobbling up a sizable population consisting of the task force. Obesity is not only a personal problem for an individual but if observed from the view point of a nation, it means adding extra burden to the health expenditures incurred on the state’s financial account and hence it means that the money that could have been utilized for the welfare of the nationals in some other area, ends up in taking care of the health hazards that the overweight and obese people are subjected to.

If looked at from an individual’s perspective, it means that not only the person is inviting health risks in the form of higher susceptibility to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, even some forms of cancer etc. but is also susceptible to a negative social image among his peer group. An overweight or an obese person is often subjected to ridicule and is a subject of laughter in the society. The solution is phentermine 37.5 mg tablets and capsules that you may buy online at www.thenewsolarenergy.com with discount coupon. The jeering of an individual by his peers and colleagues can mean a negative impact on his self esteem and such a person can go to any extent to be like the others at least, if not have a perfect shape.

It is these kinds of obese people who look for various methods in order to shed their flab at any cost and hence they do not refrain even from trying the wackiest kind of diets to get back to their normal body shape. Now, there is good news for such people. A good way to lose weight is to limit flavors.

According to the obesity researcher David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center says that people go on eating till their brain centers indicate ‘full’. But eating a variety of flavors in your diet means you are going to overeat because different sensors must register full for the appetite to subside. A typical American diet means lot of calories, too much of fat, cholesterol etc., all that means you are putting on extra pounds to your body unknowingly. Instead what Katz suggests, are flavor themed meals. For example, an apple day, a sesame day and occasionally even a chocolate day.

The idea is perhaps less boring than it sounds. For example, pineapple day features pineapple juice and cereal for breakfast; pineapple-walnut chicken salad and crackers for lunch; pineapple shrimp, saut̩ed peas and tossed salad for dinner; and caramelized pineapple rings for dessert. Along with this he also recommends 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days. His flavor theme is build on the diets that many nutritionists advocate Рlots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts; fish and poultry for protein; limited fat; and healthy snacks.

This was even tested on a subject who was 5 feet 9 inches and 183 pounds in weight, with high cholesterol. The man was skeptical at first thinking it to be a boring eating routine but he was given such flavors every day that added variety, though they were strictly prepared on the ‘one-flavor theme’ only. As a result of this eating pattern he lost 20 pounds and this even motivated him to keep the weight off by permanently changing his eating habits.

So the new mantra for weight loss is, limit your flavors if you want to reduce your weight.

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