The Beginning of The Smart for Life Cookie Diet
Dr. Sasson Moulavi, M.D. started working in an emergency room soon after graduating from Medical School. He was amazed by the amount of illness he saw coming from overweight and obese people of all ages. Many times he treated young men dying from heart attacks.
Dr. Sass, as he is known, was also overweight . He started trying weight loss programs , taking into consideration only the good parts from the many different diet programs. He then put the good traits from all the diet programs and put them together to form the Smart for Life Cookie Diet . Over the past 7 years, Dr. Sass has helped thousands of clients lose weight and reach their goals with this famous Smart for Life cookie diet.
In addition to the health benefits of losing weight on the Smart for Life Cookie Diet, Dr. Sass is dedicated to making the cookie + diet products as healthy as possible. Health is why the company makes a concerted effort to make the Smart Diet Cookies with over 60% of all ingredients being organic and without any preservatives or other toxic chemicals.
These Smart Diet Cookies are designed to be eaten as a small meal so your blood sugar will stay constant and not spike. The controlling of the blood sugars occurs thanks to the unique mix of amino acid chains within the smart cookie + diet products providing you with natural and powerful appetite suppression. The shakes, soups muffins, crunch and Smart bagels also have these amino acid chains in order to suppress hunger. People who try these cookie + diet products are amazed by the great taste and how the diet products satisfactorily control their hunger. When you join the Smart for Life Cookie Diet Program their professional staff enhances your personal motivation to keep you moving smoothly towards your goal. The Smart for Life Cookie Diet physicians are committed to every client and are available through every step of your customized weight loss program.
Smart for Life Cookie Diet clients lose, on the average of 12 to 15 pounds during the first month. Of course, there are exceptions that have amazed everyone! In a few months, many clients have lost over 100 pounds – so losing 30 pounds on the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is a cinch. The record weight loss for the first month is apparently 37 pounds.
The uniqueness about the Smart for Life Cookie Diet is not only that they succeed in getting clients to lose weight but actually improve their health in many ways. For example, within the cookie & diet food products there are many healthy ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids that improve cardiovascular health. Inulin, a prebiotic that helps with digestion and calcium absorption, is included in some puddings and soups. HeroFiber, a revolutionary super fiber that stabalizes cholesterol, triglycerides and stabilizes insulin levels allready in the normal range, is also added to many products.
Recently Omega-9 oils were added to their delicious salad dressing spritzer. The amazing thing is that the Smart for Life Cookie Diet never compromises taste.
In a recent interview we saw Dr. Sass stated, “If healthy products don’t taste as good as junk food, we will never win this war. That’s why at Smart For Life Cookie Diet, we try to keep the taste excellent. Smart For Life Cookie Diet products are made with triple filtered water and we do not use municipal city water like other so called ” Cookie Diet (s) ” do. I have many cookie + diet products in our lab that are very healthy but we have not made available to the public because we need to get them to taste amazing!”
Finally the variety of products the Smart for Life Cookie Diet offers is impressive in order to keep the client excited about new tastes and products. They have muffins in 2 flavors, cookies in 3 flavors, shakes, soups, pudding, coffee creamer, dressings, marinades and many more products. The variety certainly helps clients to stay motivated.
After reviewing the Smart for Life Cookie Diet , I would recommend this to everybody I know because they really care about the consumer and the products are made with very health-conscious ingredients. Smart for Life Cookie Diet is a safe, healthy way to change your eating habits which will help you lose the weight you need and keep it off – long term. Smart for Life Cookie Diet Program offers a full array of supplements to keep you strong and on track with your weight loss goals. The Smart Cookie Diet squares keep you feeling good and not hungry while training you to not stuff yourself. We also found that an independent survey of competitive programs showed the Smart for Life Cookie Diet had the lowest weekly cost while still providing more valuable benefits! Their cookie + diet products can be found below:
“Eat Cookies, Lose Weight. It’s that Simple!”