While most of the drugs used for treating anxiety act as tranquilizers, some have been noted to respond favourably while others are addictive. Hence, the users do not witness any remarkable improvements while others choose to tolerate the side effects. Clearly, this calls for alternative treatments.

Animal Tests
Definitely, animal studies cannot in themselves create the rationale for the use of Cannabidiol in treating anxiety. However, they do provide critical insights that may help in finding a cure. A study on mice proved that the repeated use of Cannabidiol helps the hippocampus- a part of the brain tasked with memory formation and cognition- in neuron regeneration. This is essential in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. More research has proved that Cannabinoid helps in the promotion of neurogenesis, and this helps in eliminating the disorders.

Tests On Humans
Cannabidiol contains anxiolytic properties which help keep away stress and anxiety disorders. It should also be noted that it is not psychoactive. A study was done to help figure out how Cannabidiol can help in relieving anxiety. People diagnosed with the disorder were treated with Cannabidiol and observed using functional neuroimaging to assess blood flow to the brain. It was noted that there was a noticeable increase in blood flow in the brain after the administration of CBD. The noted cerebral blood flow after its administration points to some anti-anxiety effect on the parts of the brain in charge of controlling emotions. Therefore, Cannabinoid works by increasing blood flow to the brain and thus it plays a vital role.

How Does Cannabidiol Work?
It uses 5-HT1A component in the reduction and curbing of anxiety. Serotonin, which is what causes the disorder, has to be prevented from getting to the brain. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors reduce the chances of the substance getting into the brain.
It also boosts the serotonin receptors to signal what happens to the brain. The CBD antidepressant acts very fast. It is therefore preferred to other anti-depressants.
It also initiates the origin of new brain cells in the hippocampal area of the brain. The hippocampal area effects are what is known to bring about the disorder.
So, Does CBD Really Cure Anxiety?
Experiments around the world have proved the effectiveness of Cannabinoid as a cure. Medical professionals have however not approved its usage. This has proved to be a major throwback as the medication may not work for some people.The increased use of Cannabinoid for curing the disorders is continually giving hope to the patients. The fact that it has worked on animals, children and adults is enough reason to believe that it works. Additionally, the increasing positive testimonies of the wonders that it has done to patients is encouraging.

The CBD dosage varies from children to adults. However, in both, it is advised that one starts by taking small amounts. The volume of consumption of the Cannabinoid as a health supplement to cure increases with the time of usage.