The health effects of coffee are disputed, and many studies have examined the relationship between coffee consumption and certain medical conditions.
Coffee – All About it.
Every sigle day people drink tones of coffee world wide. This has become something common in our lifes. You can drink coffee on every corner of every street. And here comes the question:

Is coffee really so addictive and good?
coffee – weight lossMost of us think that it is both, and has sexy taste as well as rich and full bodied. Nothing can’t compare to it. Chocolate, could be one of this things, but can not replace it at all. Everyone loves that smel and taste of the coffee, especially on a cold morning. The steam, which comes out of it makes it so unresistable and very relaxing at the same time. But the question is:

Is it good or bad for us?

And the fast answer should be: depending on who you will get the opinion form.
Some scientists are paid by companies to get their opinions to some point.
Coffee should be modesty drinken. It won’t be bad for your health if you drink a cup or two per day, but if you get more then the these cups of coffee every day, it could effect on you. We all know people who drink it that way, from the begining of their day to its end. It is a common thing in alcoholics. Now we will give you some of the bad things that coffee could get you.

Coffee can stains your teeth.

Coffee stained teeth and we all know that. Cigarette smoking is also bad for your teeth, as well as you can do something about it – buy products to whiten your teeth.
Bad breath.

We all know that the horrible breath of poeple who are heavy coffee drinkers is thanks to it.

It could raise stress levels. .

Taking too much of it can raise stress (anxiety) levels. You can become stressed out, if this happens. This is now new to you, because you have seen the increase of the shakes to those, who drink too mush coffee.

The risk of heart attack grows.

If it elevates the heart and blood pressure, too much of it can’t be a good thing. While science is still somewhat out on this, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.


That’s right, it could effect your semen (the little swimming uys out there) and could lower your sperm count as well. It is true, no matter how it sounds.

Stomach problems.

Those who drink too much coffee can face some stomach problems and caffeine irrates the lining of the stomach.

cup of coffee
See some of the benefits that coffee can bring you:

It prevents prostate cancer.
Weird, but true, because it contains boron – a chemical that helps curb prostate cancer.
Good social drink.
We all say: let’s have a cup of coffee sometimes, or how about to buy you a cup of coffee, or coffee break. Drinking coffee and chating are words that come together it our lifes, you go out and meet people on a cup of it. Coffee also helps wash down a meal, in come counties you can not start or even finish a meal with out drinking coffee. It sure tastes good after a meal as well as it actually hepls the digestion process.

Doing things in moderation, such as drinking coffee is a part of our lifes. Also if you think that you are a little bit over the recommended dosage, you should cut it down. It will be good for your health and weight loss programs as well. Its taste is really attractive, but you should keep this in your mind: drink it properly, because it could be bad for you, not good at all if you take too much. One or two cups per day are Ok.