JIm waters weight loss Jim Waters success story of losing 100 poundsToday I’m sharing Jim Waters successful weight loss story retired from Vought aircraft of Haltom City been able to lose 100 pounds.
Jim who was 344 pounds weigh and had type II diabetes, tried many diets in the past but everything was waste. Jim was hardly able to walk, as his muscles were not able to support his big weight.

Jim doctor recommended him Atkins Diet in July 2006. Working constantly with the dietitian, he came to know that he had to bring his calorie intake down to 800 per day and he has stuck with it and lost 98 pounds. Now he used to walk three miles a day.

Jim Waters advice for others: You have to change your eating and exercising habits for life. If you don’t, it’s a waste of time.

People who exercise and are fit live longer
A latest study indicates that the people over 60 or more who exercise and are fit live longer as compared to the people of same group with no exercise or inactive routine. The earlier research showed that obesity and inactivity can increase the risk of death in middle aged adults.

“We observed that fit individuals who were obese … had a lower risk of all-cause mortality than did unfit, normal-weight, or lean individuals,” said the study’s lead author Dr Xuemei Sui. “Our data therefore suggest that fitness levels in older individuals influence the association of obesity to mortality,” he added.

Physical fitness was assessed via treadmill exercise and obesity was calculated by body mass index, waist size and body fat percentage.