weight loss blogger carnival First Carnival of Weight Loss BloggersWelcome to the first edition of Carnival of weight loss bloggers. This is my first Carnival and I’m feeling really happy and proud to have started it. People who aren’t aware about blog carnival, a blog carnival is that when someone finds some good posts on a particular topic and then put all of those good posts in a single post called a “Carnival”. I’ll be covering some of the best recent post of some famous weight loss bloggers in this my first Carnival of weight loss bloggers. I hope you people will enjoy the covered posts here:
J. Foster from Diet Blog has a post about Keeping Santa Fat“. Some people have the view that Santa is a bad role model and sets a bad example before kids.

Weight loss and Fitness news has useful tips for ex-smokers for controlling their weights. This is fact that 80 percent of people who quit smoking gain weight. None of the situation is good for us. We need to come out of both the situations i.e. of a smoker as well as being overweight.

This is the season of holidays and lots of fun with food and other stuffs. The Fatfighters has a great article about burning the extra calories during the holidays by working around, by walking and by staying active.

How about losing weight without getting hungry? Chris from Fatty Weight Loss has the view; you don’t need to be hungry to lose weight. Chris has given a list of 20 food/drink items to speed up metabolism and to lower body fat percentage.

LoseWeightGroup.com has made a big list of top 50 weight loss tips including taking small meals, drinking plenty of water, counting calories, joining a gym, controlling the portion size and including more fruits, vegetables and whole grains in our daily routine.

Dr. Alan Jenks from Weightlosschronicles is telling about what is the best time to start a diet. In case you are overweight, start your weight loss diet right now and if you are slightly overweight then try to check out how much motivated you are to lose weight.

Tim from Run FatAss Run having meeting with her doctor about lap-band surgery with her doctor recommending her lap band surgery. Tim wants to give a try to her weight loss before going for her Doctor recommendations.

Diet Girl has an interesting post about Quick Batman, To The Post Office

Celebrity Diet Doctor has an interesting post about Britney Spears latest method of losing weight. Britney is struggling with her weight problems and is planning on getting liposuction

Weight loss story blog has a successful weight loss story how Jeremy was able to lose 25 pounds. It takes just four months for Jeremy to lose these 25 pounds following a simple diet plan suggested by one his coworkers.

Lady at Weight loss Guide has got big success with her weight. She was able to lose 4lbs in this week and in total lost 6 stone so far have been able to bring her dress size down to 10.

I have covered very few bloggers in my first edition of Carnival of weight loss bloggers. I’ll try to cover more weight loss, diet and fitness bloggers in my Second edition of Carnival of weight loss bloggers that will be published on 4th Jan in 2008. If you are willing to include any of your related post here in my bloggers carnival, you are always welcome. You can simply mail me or comment here on my blog describing your favorite post.