Hoodia Gordonii is an established, natural weight-loss medicine that many people insist for fast and safe weight loss. Gordonii Pills come in many sizes and forms. Many diet pills manufacturers just mix Hoodia to their already junk packed pills. Others offer pure Hoodia in an amount ranging from 400 mg or 750 mg and up.

How Much Should You Take To Get Your Desired Weight Loss Results?

First of all, you have to confirm that the manufacturers you are buying from actually put the stated dosage of Hoodia extracts in their pills. With the ever-increasing demand for this wonder appetite-suppressant, there are numerous dishonest companies that are using fake Hoodia, packing products or not putting the stated amount of Hoodia in their pills. So make sure you by from a trusted company that also displays their C.I.T.E.S. certificate and lab tests.

It is believed that an ideal dosage will be just 5000 mg of Hoodia Gordonii a day to see appetite-suppressant results. This much amount of Hoodia promises you a higher possibility of successful results. Depending on your body size, composition, health, weight, etc, you may need a little more or less. A good rule of thumb is to start slow and see how you feel. To start with you may take 400 mg of Hoodia pill before meals thrice a day. If you wont see results you can step up to an amount of 750 mg per day. Remember to give yourself a couple of days to see results.

Why 500 mg?

That seems to be the dosage where most people have the most success results. It’s also the most popular Gordonii dosage with buyers. With many people finding they get outstanding appetite-suppressing results by taking minimum 500 milligram of Hoodia, many manufacturers are coming out with a ‘750 Hoodia’ pill but this is not necessary. But the last thing is to make sure to listen to your body, consult your doctor and take Hoodia with a rational diet and exercise program for maximum weight loss results.Hoodia Gordonii Helps You Lose Weight

Hoodia supplements were just introduced to the U.S. market in early 2004.

Here are some key points about hoodia that you need to know:

Hoodia gordonii looks like a cactus, but it’s actually a succulent from the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. Bushmen from the area have been using hoodia for centuries to help ward off hunger during long trips in the desert.

Hoodia gordonii is entirely natural — it is not a drug. Pharmaceutical companies find it so promising, however, that they are trying to isolate the appetite-suppressing molecule, P57, to create a patented diet drug in the future.

Only the gordonii variation of hoodia has appetite suppressant abilities.

Hoodia tricks the brain into thinking you’ve eaten, and makes you feel full.

Hoodia may work right away, or may take several weeks.

Key results of hoodia reported include a reduced interest in food, delay in the time after eating before hunger sets in again, feeling full more quickly, and a general feeling of well-being

Hoodia gordonii is not a stimulant, and has no known side effects.

Hoodia appears to be safe for most people.