Sympathomimetic Drugs – Understanding Their Structure, Use and Affects

August 31, 2020 0 Comments

Sympathomimetic drugs like Phentermine have the ability to mimic certain effects that transmitter hormones including noradrenaline (Norepinephrine), adrenaline (epinephrine) and even dopamine have. In short, mimicking these hormones is said to inhibit the body into a more “weight loss friendly” mode while others claim the opposite is true about Phentermine and similar formulas.

Chemical Structure and Characteristics of Sympathomimetic Drugs

To better understand Phentermine and other sympathomimetic drugs, or agents, you must first simply dissect the name itself: sympathomimetic refers to the fact that these agents are able to act similarly to the previously mentioned hormones that are derived from the sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system, also commonly referred to as SNS for short, is solely responsible for handling and initiating the Fight or Flight physical response. The Fight or Flight bodily reaction is a little known response that every vertebrate in the world is able to take advantage of in times of extreme emotional heights including increased stress, fear, anxiety, and anger.

Essentially, sympathomimetic drugs such as Phentermine will bring out the body’s natural ability to activate the Fight or Flight response. This physical response helps to greatly increase the amount of calories and fat you can burn off as well as your level of awareness and amount of energy.

Chemically speaking, these Phentermine will begin their work at the postganglionic sympathetic terminal but from there, they will either act directly or indirectly on your system to provide the needed results.

The direct approach includes the activation of postsynaptic receptors and the blocking of reuptake and breakdown. The indirect action will include the stimulation of catecholamine hormones as well as their release and/or production.

Losing Weight with Sympathomimetic Drugs – Uses for Obesity and Weight Loss Using Phentermine

To put it simply: the use of sympathomimetic drugs and/or agents like Phentermine to help an individual lose large amounts of extra fat is highly controversial. Half of the medical community agrees that these agents shouldn’t be used to lose weight while others say they work miracles on the issue.

While several studies have shown that short term use, 2 to 8 weeks in normal circumstances, 16 weeks would be an absolute maximum, is okay by certain standards but at the same time, other studies have proven the opposite. The main problem found with the use of sympathomimetic drugs for weight loss has a lot to do with the cardiovascular system, otherwise known as the heart and everything connected to it.

Weight loss formulas including Phentermine have known to cause disruptions in the valves of the heart, irregular heartbeat, tachycardia or high pulse activity, and so much more throughout the cardio system. It can also be habit forming and dangerous towards your respiratory system along with so much more.

However, as long as the basic warnings are followed by those who wish to use Phentermine or other sympathomimetic drugs for weight loss reasons, most will be fine. To make sure, it is highly recommended to have a conversation with your personal physician to see what they think about the use of these so-called weight loss agents.

This will also help you to know whether you are physically able to use the medication because some individuals have certain conditions that would be dangerously affected from the use of sympathomimetic agents such as Phentermine.