Obesity and different weight loss techniques


Obesity is the body’s condition in which there is an accumulation of excessive fat. This condition can further lead to various serious illness such as diabetes mellitus type 2, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, in which one suffers pain in the joints, obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension and heart disease. An obese person has a low life expectancy because of these various risks in his or her health caused by obesity. Obesity is also commonly defined through the calculation of the of the BMI or the body mass index. The body mass index is taken by dividing the person’s weight, in kilograms, with that person’s height in meter (squared).

What are the causes of obesity

There are various causes of obesity. One of these is the excessive intake of food that is high in calorie. The lack of physical activity also adds to a person’s risk to suffer obesity. Obesity can also be acquired through genes. In most cases, the cause of obesity is the high calorie intake of a person.

How to treat obesity

One way to treat obesity is by encouraging an obese person to loss weight. There are actually various techniques for losing weight. The most healthy and natural technique is the therapeutic weight loss. In this technique, an obese person should eat healthy food and exercise regularly. There are also anti-obesity drugs if the condition of obesity is serious. Anti-obesity drugs work by altering the metabolism or the appetite of an obese person. For a very serious case of obesity, doctors recommend Bariatric surgery. This surgery is done by altering the gastrointestinal tract of an obese person to reduce his or her nutrient absorption.

Weight loss industry

Today, there are various drugs in the market that are said to trigger weight loss, which in turn, reduces one’s risk to develop obesity. Companies that produce these anti-obesity products are claiming that using these products is the fast and painless way to ward off the risk of suffering from obesity. However, these products have side effects that could caused rapid palpitation and some other complications.

Still, the best way to treat obesity is by observing the therapeutic weight loss technique. This technique involves natural method so it is safe. In case you want to use weight loss pills and other anti-obesity drugs, you have to consult the doctor first before trying any of the anti-obesity drug.

Weight loss is defined as the reduction of body weight due to loss of body fluid, fats, muscle, tissue, tendon and mineral deposits in the bone. Weight loss can either be positive or negative. If the body reduces weight due to some illness, then, the weight loss is not a healthy one; and therefore, negative. However, if the loss of weight is intended by someone in order to make his or her body fit and healthy, the weight loss can be considered positive.

Two major types of weight loss

There are two major types of weight loss. The intentional and the unintentional weight loss. The former is cause by serious illness such as diabetes, Aids and other diseases. The second type of weight loss, on the other hand, is done by the individual with the intention to improve the condition of his or her body. In the case of obese, for instance, weight loss can reduce the risk of suffering from heart attack, hypertension and diabetes.

Different weight loss techniques

There are techniques for intentional weight loss. One of these is the therapeutic weight loss. This technique involves having healthy diet and enough exercise. This technique of weight loss is usually recommended by doctors for overweight people. Then there is the so called crash diet. This diet involves the refusal of the person to eat food for few days. The only nourishment he or she takes is water. The purpose of this diet is to burn fats, and consequently, loss weight within a short period of time. Another technique to achieve weight loss is by using medical drugs that could burn fats or suppress appetite. There are also creams and other such products that are said to trigger weight loss.

Fitness industry

Today, there are more people who grow conscious of their health and fitness. This is reflected by the boom in fitness industry. There are more fitness centres everywhere more than ever. There are also various companies today that produce fitness products such as pills, creams and equipment, claiming that these products can make people loss weight in a quick and painless way.

The best technique for weight loss

No matter how effective these weight loss products are, it is still best to use the natural technique, such as eating healthy food and doing exercise for weight loss. It is also great if you have your regular check up.